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The Ballad of The P3 – Patriot Political Prisoners

The P3 – Patriot Political Prisoners

When tyranny showed up at their neighbor’s door
Some god-loving, hard-working, family men said, “No more”.
They knew it wasn’t how things were supposed to be
So they went and they stood, as American’s, in unity.

The government was going to take a man’s cattle and land
So these good and courageous men went to lend him a hand
The government was acting unconstitutionally
That’s when these men said “No, you will leave them be”

Standing together they made them back down
The Nation cheered and they were heroes all around.
But the government was angry and seeking revenge
So they bided their time until they could avenge.

It took two years but their day finally came
Many were arrested and a great man was slain.
In the land of the brave and the home of the free
These wonderful men became known as P3

They’ve been held without bail for over a year
Away from their loved ones who hold them so dear
While the government desperately tries to build a case
It’s not about justice but revenge and saving face

You see, the government has become a raging beast
Upon American’s freedoms and rights it must feast
They are sending a message, so loud and so clear
You are not going to stop us, you must cower in fear

These men tried to open the Nation’s eyes
To the government’s corruption, its greed and its lies
They tried to show us that to be free we must stand
As American citizens, every woman, child, and man

We have God-given and Constitutionally protected rights
Holding on to them, sometimes, requires fights.
These wonderful men fought for you and for me
So that we can live the way we were meant to- free from tyranny

The honorable
The courageous
The heroes
The examples of what we should be…..


By Paula Hart


2 Comments on The Ballad of The P3 – Patriot Political Prisoners

  1. “Does life imitate art; or art, life?” In order to have the kind of life growing from art that we want to reflect our values…the art has to exist in the first place. Good poem to bolster and cause reflection by all who read it.

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