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Starting Off With A BANG! by Rep. Priscilla Giddings

Complex, last minute, 40 page bills are being dumped into the legislative system in hopes that they will be passed at the last minute.

Starting Off With A BANG! by Rep. Priscilla Giddings
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Starting Off With A BANG!

by Rep. Priscilla Giddings – District 7

This week started off with a BANG when I won the legislative shooting competition!  The Fraternal Order of Police provided unlimited ammo for a legislative shootout and I shot a Glock .45 for 8 rounds in 2.9 seconds ultimately winnning the “Top Shooter” trophy.

On Monday I was privileged to learn about Stanton Healthcare.  They are a Boise-based company that provides women’s healthcare options that counter Planned Parenthood objectives.   Stanton has a facility located next to Planned Parenthood, and 92% of the women who have walked through Stanton’s doors chose not to have an abortion!  They do not receive any federal or state money, but instead operate through donations.  You can read more about their incredible program gaining national attention from a Cosmopolitan article here.

The Northwest Regional Patriot Academy Governor, a very articulate young lady, gave us an inspiring account of young adults wanting to get involved in promoting LIFT principles: Limited Government, Individual Libery, Free Enterprise, and Timeless Truths.  They provide a three-day LIFT course for young adults, June 28-30 in Boise. If you know a young adult who would be interested in learning more about government, I highly suggest you share the information found here.

The legislature has embarked upon the final 2 weeks of “March Madness.”   Complex, last minute, 40 page bills are being dumped into the legislative system in hopes that they will be passed at the last minute.  I will continue to stand up for principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency even with pressure to end the session by March 24th.

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Hot Issues

Listed below are some of the hot topics currently being discussed at the capitol.  I want to represent what the people in District 7 think, not the special interests of those who live in the Treasure Valley.  Please take a minute and email me your thoughts on these issues.

Parental/Religious Rights, Faith Healing: There are two opposing bills addressing the role of parents in providing healthcare for their children.  S1181 provides for the consideration of alternative healthcare methods given to a child by a parent or guardian for emergency medical treatment.  S1182 redefines the word “neglect” and gives consideration to the wishes of a child regarding healthcare needs.

HB190 Adult Postsecondary Completion Scholarship: This bill would encourage students to return to college after a three year absence with a gift of $3000 per academic year for 8 semesters.  Approximately $3.2 million dollars of tax payer money would be used for this program. (The House will vote on this Monday)

SB1162 Highway Bonds:  This bill would allow Idaho to add $300 million dollars to its current debt of more than $6 billion through GARVEE bonds to help rebuild roads and infrastructure.


Grocery Tax Repeal: Thursday afternoon the Senate considered amendments to H67, a .2 percent income tax reduction bill.  One of the amendments changed the entire bill into the Grocery Tax Exemption and the bill passed the Senate.  Now it will come over to the House for a vote early next week. The Governor already said he would veto it if it passes, so we need to gain support in the House and Senate to override his veto.