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“No Bended Knee For Me” – The Final Chapter

"No Bended Knee For Me" – The Final Chapter

“No Bended Knee For Me”
The Final Chapter

by Gary Hunt
March 13, 2017

Robert Beecher provided a written statement to me, shortly after his arrest. He concluded that statement with:

I have sworn my oath and I will uphold it to the end.  No bended knee for me.”

He has held to that commitment, through his ordeal with the government’s efforts to suppress a voice for God, Constitution, and Family. He never did bend his knee to the government. He always bent his knee to his God and his Family.

Rest in Peace
Robert M. Beecher
February 5, 1954 – March 12, 2017
Age: 63 years, 1 month, 7 days


His name will, forever, be on the list of true American patriots.


Articles about Robert Beecher can be found at Robert Beecher – No bended knee for me

A PDF of the entire series: Memorial Edition-Robert Beecher-No bended knee for me

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