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LPOSD and yet another levy(tax)

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” Crimes Of The Educators “- sounds like  a very enlightened read. Will have to purchase a copy.   Which brings us to LPOSD and yet another levy(tax) on March 14th. This is the second try at a massive money grab  in seven months. But after all , it is for the children. Why is it that a private school can provide a far superior classical American education at far less the price of the gov’t socialist indoctrination centers ?  With the number of pro levy signs it is apparent that the dog & pony show is in full swing and center stage… all courtesy of the snake oil salesman and his band of fraudulent pretenders .    LPOSD  is massively top heavy in administration and there is excessive  wasteful spending in many areas. Research the districts records .  The whole system is rigged to separate you from your money  and your money is your private property.

Enter stage left the holier then thou non-profits who commit nothing more than legalized money laundering . Tax free  entities who  come forward with a token grant award to the school district to create new positions and when the grant expires, the position is entrenched and the salary plus  benefits is then on the back of the taxpayers.   It is long past due to slam the lid on the  swamp, clean house and put an end to this creative bookkeeping and legal plunder….VOTE NO ….Make America Great Again !

Tom Cleveland
Sandpoint , ID

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