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Legislative Update – Rep. Karey Hanks


Rep. Karey Hanks – District 35

These tiny feet are a pin, which represents the size of a 10 week old preborn baby.



We listened to many presenters on HB 179, Mandatory Minimum sentencing reform for trafficking in controlled substances. Serious offenses require serious penalties, and yet every offender and every case is unique. Our judges have had limited options; leaving sentencing discretion to judges allows these judges to match the punishment to the crime. Additionally, the circumstances of the offender will also be considered. The most dangerous, high-risk offenders need to receive the heaviest sentencing. Other less expensive, effective alternatives should be available tools for our judges.

Senator Bart Davis presented heartfelt testimony on SB 1126aa, which would add fire stations and emergency personnel to handle situations referred to as “safe havens.”  “Fire stations are staffed with personnel who are trained to act in an emergency and should be trusted to assist parents who would like to safely relinquish their newborn infant to a safe place. There are numerous fire departments across state that could provide a safe alternative to child  Abandonment.” (Pocatello Fire Department letter)

The Idaho Fire Chiefs Association also supports this change.

We passed HB 189a, which prevents public funds, resources and/or property from being used to influence the outcome at the ballot box. This means, for example, when a school bond is being promoted, school printers and paper may not be used to promote voting FOR it. I believe reminders to vote are acceptable.


hanksI met six students from Rigby Middle School who competed in a Math Counts competition Saturday, March 11th, at Boise State University. They competed individually as well as in a group setting.  One Rigby student, Thomas Thornton,  took 8th out of about 60 participants. Their math coach is Dawn Thornton.

hanksI enjoyed lunch and a powerful presentation by Brandi Swindell, who has spearheaded Stanton Healthcare. This organization provides many services for women, including pregnancy verification, counseling, ultrasounds, childbirth education classes, and maternity and baby supplies.  Please check out this great alternative to Planned Parenthood on the internet: or




hanksLegislators were invited to a target practice event at a local shooting range this week. We were able to shoot an MP9, an M-15, an AR, as well as a 9 mm handgun.  It was nice to relieve some stress and recreate with other legislators.