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Idaho Department of Labor Gets Hacked

Idaho accounts created on and after March 14, 2017 were not affected.

Idaho Department of Labor Gets Hacked

Idaho Department of Labor Gets Hacked

(Redoubt News) – On March 21, 2017, it was confirmed that about 170,000 of the Idaho Department of Labor’s 530,000 job-seeker accounts were compromised by a hacking incident on March 12-13 involving America’s Job Link, a Kansas-based, multi-state system that operates the department’s IdahoWorks job search engine.

America’s Job Link (AJL) has informed the Idaho Department of Labor that a system modification implemented last fall allowed a vulnerability in the system that was exploited earlier this month.

An investigation into the accessed accounts revealed an individual with unauthorized access could see the name, date of birth and Social Security numbers of affected job seekers.

The Department of Labor is sending direct notification, via email or regular mail, to all IdahoWorks customers whose accounts may have been compromised.

AJL provides job search services to ten states. A total of 4.8 million accounts within the AJL system are believed to have been compromised. Other state systems affected include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont.

The matter is under criminal investigation by law enforcement.

An independent forensic firm hired by America’s Job Link Alliance-Technical Support estimated that 170,000 Idaho-based accounts may have been viewed. According to the forensic firm, the code vulnerability that allowed the unauthorized access has since been eliminated.

The affected accounts were in the system from 2011 to March 14, 2017. Job seeker accounts created prior to March 14, 2017 are potentially affected. If you have not used the system since Jan. 1, 2011, you need not worry as those records were purged from the system long ago. Idaho accounts created on and after March 14, 2017 were not affected.

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  1. so basically these names were removed so the ratio of foreign workers to Idaho workers could not be now monitored. Now we can let more illegals into Idaho without getting reprimanded. Everything must be hidden from the publics eye.

  2. It sounds to me like they are trying to minimize the disaster by saying that it is only ten states. This system of linked job listings through the “One Stop Shop” state employment systems was implemented during the Bush Administration. Almost immediately, they put a lot of the system behind job agency front-ends. I captured images of the websites as they were going behind the curtain (so to speak).

    This pdf has captured website pages from the America’s Job Bank System. The reason why I know all of the systems are linked is because it was part of the national system of labor management. In order to control the inflow of foreign workers into the country to ensure that there are enough jobs for Americans, the Labor Department must manage the entire labor market. If they don’t control the domestic labor market from an informational point of view, then they can’t control the inflow of foreign workers.

    America’s Job Bank

    America’s Talent Bank's%20Talent%20Bank.pdf

    The Big Disconnect

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