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Constitution is BANNED in Federal Courthouse

The defense is expected to begin their case on Monday, April 3rd

ammon Constitution constitutional Federal Courthouse

US Constitution is BANNED in Federal Courthouse

by Shari Dovale

The trial for the Political Prisoners in Las Vegas, Nevada continues this week. The prosecution has presented their case over 5 weeks, even extending it beyond what they originally stated.

Judge Gloria Navarro has allowed the prosecution much leeway, but has ruled that the defendants will not need the same concessions. She has micro-managed the defense case repeatedly and has now decided the six defendants will only need a week to present their case.

The government’s case, though it was scheduled to be completed already, does not expect to rest until this Friday, March 24, 2017. The court will then take a week off. The defense is expected to begin their case on Monday, April 3rd.

Witnesses have told me that the US Marshals have decided that they will no longer allow copies of the US Constitution to be brought into the courthouse. They have even gone so far as to remove them from ladies’ purses to be discarded into the trash. It is not limited to just those that are showing from shirt pockets.

Defendant Eric Parker, who has consistently placed a copy of the Constitution in his pocket during these proceedings, was forced to remove it and told to keep it flat at the defendants table so the jury could not see it.

The jury cannot be allowed to even look at the Constitution!

Gregory Burleson, Eric Parker, Orville Scott Drexler, Steven Stewart, Todd Engel and Richard Lovelien are the first of 17 defendants to stand trial in the Bunkerville Protest trial. They are each accused of 10 charges including conspiracy, firearm offenses and assault on a federal officer. They each face up to 101 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

Cliven Bundy, along with his sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy and two others are expected to begin their trial in May. Another trial for even more co-defendants is expected to begin in August.

The government is continuing their attempt to control the narrative in this case. It was not an armed standoff. This was a protest. A protest in which no shots were fired, no one was injured and the cows were set free.

These men were left free for 2 years, to live their lives without fear. The government then decided to round them up, refuse them bail, and are now trying to send them to prison for the rest of their lives, all for voicing their disagreement with the Federal Government.

And now the US Constitution has been demonized by this same government.



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15 Comments on Constitution is BANNED in Federal Courthouse

  1. Well at least they’re honest about it seeing as how the Judicial System in America quit obeying the Constitution a long time ago.

  2. Is this it ? The one that lights it up ? The law of the land banned from court !!!!
    No foreign power can defeat the United States.The reason we the citizens are so heavily armed is that we are losing trust in the government and have the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from a tyrannical Government . When that government agency bans the law of the land is that not tyrannical?
    This is The United States of America .
    We Americans want to always be the good guy. The problem is our government and the powers that control them have a different agenda . Our Constitution acknowledges the citizens right to defend themselves from foreign and domestic enemy’s . Where Does it say OUR government can break our laws ? I want to know!! The fast and furious Fiasco was illegal .. Everyone involved in it should be in jail . Why did it Literally take a act of congress to get this out . Our government needs to held in to account by WE THE PEOPLE . At all levels. The bill of rights is just that ,a bill of your rights .These are not up to the GOVERNMENT to bestow on you .YOU HAVE THEM !! . I took a oath to the Constitution not a politician. So did most government and all armed forces members. to Guard against foreign AND domestic enemy’s .At some point the citizens could/ will come to a tipping point. 3% of us fought off the British in the first war for Independence .3% now is around 10,000,000 of us . larger than the top 5 armies in the world put out together. Yes we are not a standing army yet , but we are sure as hell sitting up now .We are the largest armed group of civic minded people mankind has ever known .These citizens are not a color or a religion they are a frame of mind , We know them as American Patriots and there are more us than ALL of them. AND we are getting pissed off now. We needed a change.
    Fix it or Brake it so we can start over Donald.
    Molon labe

  3. “Constitution is BANNED in Federal Courthouse”

    The Constitution of the United States of America is BANNED in All Federal CourthouseS at all times. The Federal Court operates as an ADMIRALTY Court. The US Citizens is viewed as a CONQUERED ENEMY. Does this answer a LOT of questions.

    “Thus Constitutional Rights only count when you get up into the Supreme Court, for there is a tendency to continue to use the Constitutional law in the Supreme Court because they do not want the people to know that the Constitution has been superseded by Admiralty Law. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the Supreme Court will often rule if there is a constitutional discrepancy, so that the lower laws are supposed to follow the Constitution, and yet, entering into a court of law, arguing with the Constitution, seldom is beneficial to an entity because they will say the entity is in the wrong jurisdiction in this court.”

  4. Since “Ignorance of the LAW is no excuse” and JURY NULLIFICATION is LAW …… then EVERY jury should be informed of “Jury nullification” as part of the Judge’s Instructions to the Jury. If the Jury is NOT informed of Jury Nullification then any decision they reach should be NULL & VOID.

  5. we need President Trump, wearing a white hat to come to the rescue. Or Trey Goudy. Please God send us someone to get some sanity back into the system. The swamp is so very very big.

  6. This gets more bizarre all the time! Can protests be lodged against this judge? She should be allowing as much time as needed for the defendants. To do otherwise is predudicial! I don’t understand how she can get away with that!!

  7. What is going on in this trial? It sounds very one-sided for the prosecution by what was written in this article and that the judge is taking sides rather than being impartial. What a shame, after watching the hearing of Judge Gorsuch, Supreme Court Nominee, yesterday and hearing him expound on what good judges do, it sure seems that the Judge Gloria Navarro is not at all impartial in this case. I am not a liberal, but I certainly think the government overstepped their boundaries in this event and the ensuing judicial matter and trial. Why don’t we just take all the rancher’s lands from them and be done with it. Then the government can make lots more money fining any of us who trespass on the “national lands” and they can strip the areas bare of all minerals and water, and any other money-making/valuable parts of the land. Sounds like many in the Federal Government have already banned the Constitution and are barging ahead with their own agendas.

    • Sue: You might want to view “Bundy, the true story” narrated by Ammon himself, on you-tube. What’s going on ? I was there when we faced down BLM at Bundy Ranch, was at Malhure, and had the honor of standing trial with Ammon and the others in Portland. I’m fairly conversant with this saga. The federal Govt. has been prosecuting a war of conquest on rural America, and has been driving ranchers off the land for years. The day came however when they tried to bully a family that would not knuckle under – the Bundys. Instead of turning tail, this family stood up, and a call went out to help them. You know the rest. We gave the federals a big black eye on April 12, 2014, and since then have emerged as the strongest resistance to an abusive fed since the Civil War. The Federals are desperate to stop us, and their point man, or I should say point woman, is that Harry Reid – Obama appointee, Judge Gloria Navarro. The “Government Interest” in dismembering this grassroots movement is paramount to any concern about impartiality or ethical conduct.

      • What ties does this judge have to REID or any politicos in NV? I’d check her finances and the value of her personal assets. It was an accountant that took down Capone… not the FBI. Good news .. my old accounting group is being solicited to go back to work via EM. Now how did the agencies get our EM addresses since ive changed mine 15x since 1989? Why the group called and is upset. Forensic accounting is how you bust corruption. Cross checking ID, payroll records, quarterly disbursements, etc., is how you weed out fake ID employees. After that the employer is in deep doodoo. Either fire em or have your assets seized .. we know that’s the new federal symposium hobby .. now you know why. Time for the jury to hear about nullification … just one jury member can inform rest in deliberations.

      • Neil, What can those of us that are not in Nevada do to help? I’m in GA & would be there if I could be.

      • Tell it brother, Neil! I was proud to stand by you in Portland. You are right, they fear us. We stand peacefully, but firmly, for truth, rights, and love. They don’t know how to deal with that. We will continue to stand as well, but it won’t be our side being violent. They are cowards at heart. I sent Dept Sheriff Lucas McClain scurrying to his car when I stood in front of him and convicted him of his errors. The Bundys are showing us not only how bad the corruption has become, but what it takes to stand against it. We will continue to stand. Not guilty!

  8. The Constitution is of course the founding charter of the federal Govt. The only legitimate authority the fed has is through this charter,created by the states. Now when they see a constitution, they act like Dracula seeing a cross…AAARGH ! Could someone make a video of one of the Marshalls throwing a Constitution in the trash ?

    • …one of these days…some very angry people…(family of the corrupt-government-victims?)…and this is just “speculation”…not any kind of threat….but I am afraid the people who see the injustice of these types of debacles will go after The Judge and her corrupt acts. It would be interesting to see The Judge sitting in someone’s basement, on a live video feed….being asked polite question…(enhanced questions perhaps)… as to the level of corruption that she is involved with. I’d pay to watch that.
      RJ O’Guillory

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