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The Truth About Our Morally Bankrupt Legislative Leadership

This is a clear case of the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”.

The Truth About Our Morally Bankrupt Legislative Leadership

The Truth About Our Morally Bankrupt Legislative Leadership

By Shari Dovale

For over a month Speaker Bedke and other members of leadership have been railing on Rep. Heather Scott for remarks she made to Judy Boyle on December 1st. 2016. These remarks had to do with her frustration at Rep. Christy Perry receiving a committee chairmanship after scandalous headlines about an admitted affair with another legislator. Rep. Scott’s comments were a reference questioning if female legislators had to perform sexual favors in order to move up into leadership positions.

Granted she made a bad choice of words and certainly not politically correct enough for the ‘highly ethical’ House leadership. For her illicit comment Rep. Scott was raked over the proverbial coals and removed from her assigned committee duties for a period of four weeks. She was required to apologize to many of the members of the legislature on numerous occasions , including Christy Perry who has been accused of misconduct herself for an alleged affair with Senator Guthrie.

Rep. Scott has been a target of the house leadership because of the liberty message she brought to the house upon winning her first term election two years ago. Heather was shunned by many of the establishment legislators but befriended by Rep. Judy Boyle. We believe from Rep. Scott’s prospective it is always good to have a friend to watch your back in a swamp full of gators.

What was not expected was for Rep. Boyle to turn and bite her new friend by reporting to Speaker Bedke what Rep. Scott had said to her in a private conversation. One of our questions is why did Speaker Bedke wait for a month to act on this information instead of confronting Rep. Scott immediately? Could this have all been a plan to reveal Rep. Scott’s remarks at the beginning of the session to get the most embarrassment possible?

Perry was caught in a web of alleged sexual indiscretions and lies that should have placed her in the forefront of the Ethics Committee. Instead, she was given a Chairmanship and we believe protected from disciplinary action by Speaker Bedke. These decisions have been questioned by many citizens around the state but as usual the citizens are ignored. Only the lobbyists and their fat wallets are acknowledged when it comes to our leadership.

It seems very auspicious for Speaker Bedke to wave his morality flag for all to see. He claims that he does not allow this type of talk or behavior on his watch. His self-righteousness is reeking and begging to be verified. We are about to provide you with a look at the real self-righteous Scott Bedke.

Attached to this article you will find a notarized affidavit from a former Secretary for the State Affairs Committee in 2012 when the Chairman was Thomas F. Loertscher. This affidavit will give you a clear idea of why Speaker Bedke came down so hard on Rep. Scott, as it appears he did not want any further investigation into a similar circumstance that he was involved in back in 2012.

Read the affidavit and you will understand what we are talking about. This is a clear case of the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”.

Lissa Cochrane provided the affidavit gratis to us in hopes of exposing the immoral sexist conduct which prevails in our legislature. This affidavit includes names, dates and specifics of what happened during the committee meeting on March 26, 2012. It states that Rep. Scott Bedke and Tom Perry Esq., Office of the Governor, had a very graphic discussion during this meeting in the State House which was far more offensive and damaging then anything Rep. Scott has said.

The documents continue in (Item 9) to describe the conversation in which Rep. Bedke proceeded to discuss “his pleasure in engaging in fellatio in graphic detail, as well as his sexual exploits outside of his marriage which has included younger women.” He described these encounters as “like having sex with your kids” according to Ms. Cochrane’s affidavit.

According to (Item 10) of the affidavit Rep. Bedke made remarks that Cochrane would have to have sex if she was a member of the Legislature and wanted to get something done.

In (Item 11) it states that Mr. Perry also ridiculed and bullied her throughout the meeting about being “old” as well as making derogatory remarks about women in general being “dumb” and expressed his dislike of “fat” women and made racial remarks.

Cochrane in (Item 12) names former Rep. Janice McGeachin as having witnessed the conversation and behavior, and her reaction to Mr. Perry’s intimidating and unprofessional behavior caused her to search for a “panic button” at her desk.

Rep. Bedke never apologized for his crass and unprofessional behavior and never reported Mr. Perry’s behavior to the Governor’s office.

Ms. Cochrane attempted to report the incident to the Governor’s office via the Governors website and telephoned his office to report Mr. Perry’s unprofessional behavior which included sexist and racial remarks. No one from the Governor’s office ever responded

She also reported it to the Idaho State Police (ISP) but, she states, no investigation was ever initiated. After multiple attempts, ISP finally told her that it was “a civil matter.”

Item 19 refers to the fact that Ms. Cochrane notified Senator and attorney Bart Davis in August of 2013 of Mr. Bedke’s unprofessional behavior towards an Attaché/Committee Secretary. No action was ever taken.

Ms. Cochrane was contacted by Senator Bart Davis with a rebuttal to the allegations. He states that he talked to his client, Scott Bedke, and also to Tom Perry, who both denied the conversations took place. (See attached letters) It does make us wonder, however; if this was not a breach of ethical conduct when both are members of the Legislature?

As you can see, Speaker Bedke not only seems to condone this unprofessional and immoral behavior on his watch, but is a major participant. This would suggest that the establishment elite have their own set of rules and morality only comes into play when others are not willing to “go along to get along.”

Political Correctness may be on the way out, as indicative by the historical upset of the Trump election, but it should not be used as a tool by those that cannot practice it. Speaker Bedke needs to understand that no one is above the law including legislative leadership.

How many more indiscretions are out there that have not been brought forward for fear of retribution by the crony establishment leaders of the legislature? Anyone for “Term Limits”?


We are posting this updaate in the interest of fairness and complete reporting.
We previously published an article based upon the sworn affidavit of Lissa Cochrane a former secretary for the Idaho legislature detailing her claims from 2012 of harassment by Rep. Scott Bedke. Since that article was released. Rep. Bedke has responded, denying her claims and stating they are false. Two of the witnesses referred to in Ms. Cochrane affidavit, Rep. Thomas Loertscher and former Rep. Janice McGeachin have also questioned the veracity of Ms. Cochrane’s claims. We cannot determine whose account is true and therefore we caution our readers to consider all of the statements made by all of the parties and draw your own conclusions. It should be noted that while the local media have publicized Rep. Bedke’s denial of the allegations they have not actually published Ms. Cochrane’s notarized affidavit of accusations.


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12 Comments on The Truth About Our Morally Bankrupt Legislative Leadership

  1. I do agree that because neither the speaker Bedke, nor his ethics committee nor their church are doing their jobs of enforcing the ethical standards. The first in line SHOULD have been the LDS organization they both participate in who SHOULD have taken the stance of enforcing proper morals and ethics – first. The their shame, they have done nothing. Secondly, the political apparatus is supposed to ‘police its own’, but is not. However, due to inaction on the part of both the ‘ethics committee and the LDS Church, I’d propose that both either clean their own houses or immediately or close their doors.

    • WHAT MAKES A MAN ? EXPLOITS — Joke about them, brag about them, prowl, lie, belittle women
      Ethics rules and laws according to Bedke/Guthrie = THE men who know what makes a man.

  2. aaaaand “The Church” (LDS) is WHERE regarding this SWORN AFFIDAVIT of sexual philandery and other filth? What about Guthrie’s admitted, long-term adultery? The Bedke ethics committee – how ‘ethical’ is that?

    Bedke protects ‘Brother’ Jim Guthrie in his admitted , long-term adultery and is attempting to destroy the career of our representative from northern Idaho because, during a private conversation in the lounge, she mentioned a sleep-around situation between Guthrie and another politician (at least this one was a woman). Kill the messenger, deny everything and make counter-accusations.

    How disgusting that Bedke and his cronies are in power at all. However, there is a righteous Judge and His sentence is for all eternity.

    • Why did you mention “the church”? It is not mentioned in the story. Guthrie is a Senator, Bedke is in the House.
      Is Guthrie LDS?
      If these accusations are accurate then they NEED to go!!!

  3. Bedke needs to go and there still is no need for term limits, we just need people to stand up and be counted when this crap happens and not wait a couple of years or more before something is said.

  4. I would like to see the LDS church’s code of conduct for Bishops. Since Speaker Bedke supposedly is one, I wonder if they will even flinch or if they will do the right thing and show him the door. Its time to expel Mr. Self proclaimed Judge-Jury-and-Executioner. A little taste of his own snake oil medicine will be good justice for the citizens of Idaho.

  5. This raises so many questions about Scott Bedke.

    To begin with, it always seemed odd that he came down with the proverbial sledge hammer to try to destroy what amounted to a fly: a private comment made by one legislator to another. The overreaction led many to suspect that the comment came too close to the truth on an issue which also involved his own behavior.

    And here it is. Except that his behavior, as described by himself in front of these witnesses, is more than sickening. His extramarital sexual exploits being “like having sex with your kids”? How would he know what that’s like?

    A legislator who makes the described comments in front of another legislator and staff, in an on-duty meeting, the date and attendees of which can be verified through legislative records that match Ms. Cochrane’s affidavit, obviously feels untouchable in his position. His reputation is that of a pillar of the legislator, his community and his church. He could not possibly allow Heather Scott shine a light on how he runs the Legislature. Hence the sledge hammer.

    “Swamp” doesn’t begin to describe the Idaho House, led by this man. And I leave it to you to find a word to describe HIM.

  6. Scott Bedkke needs to go! What he did to Heather Scott is one of the most blatant and despicable displays of power run amuck. Idaho needs to clean it’s swamp of this kind of lowlife politician.

  7. We like to think that we in Idaho live in a state free of this kind of goings on in our government but we are not. What has been done to Heather in government and the media is nothing short of despicable and criminal.

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