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Texas Teacher’s Union Helping Students Break the Law

Political agendas and advice on how to circumvent the law is on the public payroll.

Texas Teacher's Union Helping Students Break the Law

Texas Teacher’s Union Helping Students Break the Law

by Shari Dovale

Political agendas and advice on how to circumvent the law is on the public payroll. reports that the labor group Education Austin provided its 3,000 members with various documents, including United We Dream flyers that detail “what to do if ICE comes to your door” — referring to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — to hand out to students.

At least some students received the flyers this week at the International High School in East Austin.

“This is an issue that is affecting our students. As educators, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to provide them information that can help. Any educator who sees their students have an issue should give it to them and that’s what we’re doing,” said Montserrat Garibay, vice president of Education Austin.

It’s unclear how many illegal alien students are in the Austin school district, but there are 30,000 English language learners and about 1,000 refugee children in the school system.

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) did not provide an immediate response to whether administrators were aware the information is being handed out on school grounds.

The Union is also holding workshops at the various schools to pass out the information and teach the community how to avoid being caught by ICE.

They are teaching a political agenda. This is what the taxpayers are paying for? tells us that since the election in November, the union has helped to conduct similar training sessions for members of the community at different AISD schools. The trainings would consist of members of the Texas Here to Stay Coalition working with immigrant parents of AISD students on what they can do in case there is an immigration raid.

Now, the union wants to take things up a notch by asking AISD to provide educational resources to all students and their families, inside the classroom and online on the district’s website.

The curriculum and resources could include: instructing families on what they should do if ICE comes to their door.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez recently put in place a policy that ended blanket compliance with federal immigration detention requests for those in custody in the county jail suspected of being here illegally. On Wednesday, the new policy allowed for the release of 37 suspected illegal aliens.


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  1. Aiding and abetting fugitives. Don’t have to fire them, arrest them. And arrest the police managers that refuse to uphold the law and the constitution. That was easy.

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