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A Racist Has Been Selected By The White House!

A Racist Has Been Selected By The White House!

A Racist Has Been Selected By The White House!

By Shari Dovale

Ok, that is an old headline from Obama’s reign. You can put Eric Holder’s name in there, or Loretta Lynch. They are both racist against anyone not black.

But, everyone wants to hear about Jeff Sessions. Sorry, but I believe the racist chants against him are just political games by the Democrats.

The Democrats have had so many meltdown’s since Trump took office that it has become a daily ritual, and I have to tell you that it is getting very old very fast.

Business in Washington cannot commence in committees without a member of each party being present. (This is one of the greatest arguments against the 2-party system, but that discussion is for another day.)

Democrats are becoming well known for throwing themselves on the floor and having tantrums.

The Democrats decided to have a tantrum and shut down the government by boycotting their committees. They felt that if the committees could not conduct their business then they could not confirm President Trump’s Cabinet nominees.

The Republicans couldn’t have that, so they did what had to be done. They changed the rules so that both parties were not required, and kept the government running.

The nominees are beginning to be confirmed.

Now, let’s discuss the childish behavior of the Liberal Socialists. Don’t get too upset with them, as they are just trying to retain everything they have gained in the last 8 years. That is to be expected. However, they need to grow up and realize that the bully tactics are not working.

It is time to get with the program and conduct the business of this country. The people that elected them did not expect them to go to DC to sit on their backsides and not accomplish anything. They are doing a great disservice to their constituents and the people of this country.