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Marcus Mumford Hearing in Portland

The trial is currently scheduled for April 17th.

Marcus Mumford Hearing in Portland

Marcus Mumford Hearing in Portland

by Shari Dovale

Marcus Mumford, attorney for Ammon Bundy in last year’s Malheur Protest Trial, was called to Portland for a hearing today in the over reaching government charges against him.

After the jury found his client Not Guilty of all charges, he proceeded to do his due diligence and argue the case for his client’s release. Since the government had not provided him with any documents, such as a writ of habeas corpus or an arrest warrant from the District in Nevada, he would have been negligent to not argue for Bundy’s immediate release.

The US Marshals took it upon themselves to get physically violent and attack the defense attorney – and then charge him for this privilege. Mumford has been charged with multiple misdemeanor counts and has asked for a jury trial.

Mumford was injured during the attack and his attorney, Michael Levine, explained to the court that Mumford is currently receiving cortisone shots for his back injury. Mumford was also tased by the US Marshals during the attack.

The prosecution requested a Bench Trial in which the presiding judge would decide the outcome, as Judge Anna Brown is doing with the lesser charges in the second trial of Malheur Protesters. Levine made it very clear that he intends to cross examine a sitting federal judge and that it would be inappropriate for another federal judge to preside in those circumstances.

The judge instructed the prosecution to comply with the defense discovery request to turn over all texts and messages that might show a bias of the US Marshals against Mr. Mumford.

The defense submitted motions to have the charges dismissed, though they have planned for a three-day trial in April. They intend to call Judge Anna Brown, her court clerk and court reporter as witnesses, as well as the defense attorneys present and possibly members of the public that watched the uproar.

The trial is currently scheduled for April 17th.

Judge John C. Coughenour is expected to issue his rulings on the various motions on Thursday.

Court footage shows Deputy U.S. Marshals tackling Ammon Bundy’s lawyer.   via The Oregonian

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  1. Those Marshall’s are the ones that belong in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. This is absolutely outrageous that Mr. Mumford is the one charged with a crime when he was assaulted in a courtroom for doing his job.

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