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LPOSD Treats Transparency as an Inconvenience

LPOSD Treats Transparency as an Inconvenience

LPOSD Treats Transparency as an Inconvenience

I agree with Julie Menghini and Dan Rose that transparency is good. Transparency is free and shows respect to the community and voters.

Why then, does the LPOSD not wish to make their records public, and only do so when forced to adhere to Idaho Code regarding Freedom of Information? It is the school district that is forcing time and money spent to make public what is Public Information. LPOSD states the only monetary cost to them for such voluminous requests is $256, I’d say that’s a bargain!

The expense of complying with FOIA request is insignificant when compared to the uncovering of facts regarding the failed Plant Levy from last August and the upcoming Supplemental Levy; facts not generally known by the voters. For example, this levy will cover longevity pay for coaches at a cost of $67,000/year. There are over 120 paid coaches and advisors, and a coaching staff of 15 for Sandpoint Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman Football. $3,137 is allocated for running the Concessions Stand.

Why are public records requests viewed as an inconvenience, improperly redacted, intentionally kept from the public? I have observed that only the document request is posted on the LPOSD website, none of the content!

If the School District really wants to save money why not hold the election in May after money from the State is confirmed? Holding the election in March requires a special election at the cost to Bonner County residents of $61,000 (not paid for by the LPOSD).

Victoria Zeischegg

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