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Legislative Update – Rep. Christy Zito

The fourth week of session is almost over. Bills are starting to reach floor of the House to be voted on.


Rep. Christy Zito – District 23


Busy First 4 Weeks.

The fourth week of session is almost over.  Bills are starting to reach floor of the House to be voted on.  Yesterday we voted on a tax relief bill.  This bill is a good start.  There are other things that can and should be done to relieve the burden of the citizens of the state.  Repeal of the grocery tax will be a good start.

This is an example.  Every bill that will be voted on is listed on the Growing Freedom website with a brief description, and citizen input.

H16     Deficiency warrant for pest control mitigation

H6       Controlled substances; pharmacy rule

H22     spousal tax relief to collections portion of tax code

H23     clarify taxpayers rights after a protest

H24     establishes right f taxpayer to independent determination

H25     rewording within tobacco permit tax rules

H26     conformity with IRS tax code;

H12     candidates for State Legislature residence requirement

H13     amends date of political party change

H10     amends licensing and fees regarding Chiropractors

H15     Corrected Idaho code

H17     Amends approval of use of matching grant money

H18     Changes to National Guard recruitment and retention

H19    Changes definition of “armory”

H67    Tax relief

I was honored to carry and present my first bill on the floor of the Idaho House of Representatives this week.  HB54 was a bill resented by the Secretary of State, that made it even more of an honor for me.

Agricultural Affairs committee yesterday we listened to a presentation on the financial state of agriculture in Idaho. On Monday we heard Representative Burtenshaw present instructions on the State Agriculture Appropriations Bill.  He explained the process and spoke to some of the appropriations that will be covered this year.  For example the Methyl Bromide project, Software development to electronically track  cattle and the need to budget for concern over invasive species of aquatic species.

In State Affairs we heard proposed legislation dealing with enforcing existing immigration

laws, a change to the concealed carry bill, a change to the dog racing statute, legislation clarifying the pull tab lottery statute.   These issues can be challenging and emotional. They are good examples of issues that I always have to ask my self, “is it constitutional, is it moral, does it increase government regulation or create  or expand bureaucracy, who does it help, who does it hurt.”

Judiciary and Rules committee

I always encourage citizens to know what bills are being proposed, the process is a fast one as we are a “Citizen Legislature”, part time employees of the people.  Things happen fast here.  Some members of the liberty caucus have done an excellent job of setting up a website, that is updated every 12 hours with a list of bills.  You will find the link to the official copy of the bill, a brief description and additional information that has been posted by volunteer bill readers. If you would like to become a bill reader contact me or the legislators listed on the site and we will set you up.


Thank you again for your trust, support and the faith you have in our country.  Pray always.


In Liberty,

Your Representative Christy Zito

Citizen Involvement


A bill changing wording in last years Constitutional Carry bill was introduced this week.  The working would allow for military to carry concealed in the city limits while stationed in the state.  While this is very good.  The statute should allow all citizens of the United States who are not other wise restricted to carry concealed in in the city limits.  This wording will clear up confusion for those who choose to carry and law enforcement.

It was so exciting to see those who care about their 2nd amendment rights show up to support our efforts to include this wording.  All are welcome at their seat of government any time.

zitoRep Christy Zito

District 23


  • Judiciary, Rules, & Administration
  • Agricultural Affairs
  • State Affairs

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