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*Updated* Jason Patrick Ordered To Leave His Own Federal Hearing

“I’ll stand for the jury.”

Jason Patrick Ordered To Leave His Own Federal Hearing

Jason Patrick Ordered To Leave His Own Federal Hearing

by Shari Dovale

Jason Patrick is one of the final four defendants in the Malheur Protest Trial due to begin next week, February 14th.

As with all trials, there are pretrial hearings and more business to conduct before jury selection.

Patrick, who is representing himself with a standby counsel, Andrew Kohlmetz, attempted to enter the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon this morning to attend his pretrial hearing.

He reported that the US Marshals would not allow him entrance and ordered him to leave.

Entering the courthouse today should have been no different than any other day. Patrick observed most of the trial in that courthouse last fall, when Ammon Bundy and others were found Not Guilty. But, today was his own hearing which he was required to attend.

Yesterday, it was reported that when Judge Anna Brown entered the courtroom, Patrick did not stand. She questioned him about it. “Is there a reason you didn’t stand, Mr. Patrick?” Judge Brown asked him.

Patrick replied, “I’ll stand for the jury.” Judge Brown seem to accept that when she said, “Alright, then we’ll leave it at that.”

Maybe it wasn’t as easy as that? Maybe this was her way of enforcing her power to get him to stand and acknowledge her authority? It will be interesting to hear her response.

Patrick posted very little information on his Facebook page.


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I was just ordered to leave the courthouse by US Marshals.

There were over 100 shares and 70 comments at last check. Patrick made few responses to the questions, but one very notable comment when he was asked what this meant:  “It means I could be shot for being there or hunted down and shot for not being there. Marshals choice?”

The trial in Oregon for the final four seems to be playing out no differently that the first trial did. The Federal authorities are back to playing their power games.

**Updated by Jason on his page:  It is a traumatic situation when I am given conflicting orders from the court and then the marshals. I showed up on time and in person at the courthouse as I have since the beginning. The marshal refused my form as identification. It is all I will have. He ordered me to leave the courthouse from the lobby and I did. This order upset the judge because I was not present and on time in her courtroom. I was at a nearby coffee shop where there were also off duty marshals who reported to the judge my location. The judge sent standby council to retrieve me from the coffee shop and I was quickly rushed back into the courtroom. The judge ordered $100.00 fines to any and all who are late in the future. I assured her I have never been late and will never be late accept by marshals assumedly “lawful” order. When my religious principles meet their perceived “power” these things tend to happen. Thank you again for sharing in my time of need and duress.


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  1. I stood sometimes and i didnt stand sometimes, i sometimes stood and sat down before she said to sit down, just wanted to see what would happen if i tried everything. No one gave me any fuss over it.

  2. We need our new AG to step in and monitor this court proceeding and specially Brown herself who should actually recuse herself because of the last bias trial she conducted.

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