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Experience with Greenprint

Property rights are dead in Western Washington

Experience with Greenprint

Experience with Greenprint

The recent meeting you talk of where Greenprint is the plan for the ‘City of Sandpoint’ I see a repeat of a sinister plan in Snohomish County in Western Washington.

The country was in touch with greeners that would walk through private property all over the county that would mark maps where they found plant life that was associated as Wet Land Plant Life. My property and those in the area I lived in were so marked.

The county commissioners then came up with wet land regulations that regulated where homes could be built, NO logging could take place and absolutely NO animals could be allowed access to.

These areas included slopped property to avoid any run off into areas that were even devoid of year round water which were actually drainages that emptied into other drainage areas then into larger drainage areas eventually ending up in creeks then rivers.

Property rights are dead in Western Washington and that is why I moved to this area which is a full 25 yrs behind the green movement in Western Washington  but it looks as though that 25 years has expired as of the recent meeting in Sandpoint, our left wing county seat.

Trespass laws meant nothing to the people that mapped out the ‘wetlands’ in Snohomish County any more than your property rights mean anything to the council members in Sandpoint, now known as the Left Wing County Seat, in Idaho’s Panhandle.

Bill O’Neil
Priest River

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  1. This matches what I heard from a friend who moved here from Bellevue for that very reason. Their property ended up being declared a wetland, and their plans for adding a deck to the back of their house had to be abandoned – no new structures or additions allowed.

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