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The Education Community is Worried

They vilify those who chose to become informed voters.

The Education Community is Worried

The Education Community is Worried

So the personal attacks have started. It appears that the education community is worried about two citizens who just want to know how their tax dollars are being used. These same two people have experienced firsthand how property taxes grow unbridled, and become a hardship and a strain on the local economy and community.

The school district has made it very clear, that to get information one must submit records requests. Now they vilify those who chose to become informed voters.

In the coming weeks, you will see a lot of money spent on advertising and a bevy of letters from school staff, promoting their self-interest with emotional claims in a laundry list of catastrophes if the levy does not pass in March. In reality, the district will resubmit the levy question on the May ballot – only two months later. The present levy funds the district through June 30th.

I support providing the best education possible to our children, but it has to be within our means. Remember, the public school system is government run and needs to be kept accountable. Like most taxing districts, LPOSD is addicted to other people’s money. How much is enough?

Kathy Rose

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  1. Amen Kathy. A recent article in the Bee singled you and Dan out for public scrutiny. The gist of the article was that the LPOSD is the “victim” of predatory information seekers. Again, the Bee is attached to the hip of the school district, and anyone daring to question them is vilified publicly.

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