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To All Boundary County Republicans

This behavior does not represent the Republican Party

To All Boundary County Republicans
photo: Boundary County GOP FB

To All Boundary County Republicans,

Your Boundary County Republican Central Committee is being run as a fiefdom under the command of Chairman Ken Carter. The BCRCC, comprised of your elected precinct representatives, now considers itself to be a private organization and states they have “no obligation to share our agenda” with other Republicans or members of the press.

In fact, when I requested an agenda I was told by the Chairman to “just stay home!” Mr. Carter makes it clear that fellow Republicans are not welcome and should remain silent. Via email Mr. Carter stated “You only get to speak if I invite you to speak,” and threatens “I have the right to call the police and have him arrested for disturbing the peace.”

Recently the committee attempted to hold an improper special meeting; blatant evidence this group is conducting itself as a closed society. This behavior does not represent the Republican Party, and I know it does not represent Boundary County, either.

I urge Boundary Republicans to get engaged. The committee regularly meets on the first Monday of the month at 6:00pm at Mugsy’s. All precinct committee members are up for election in May 2018. Consider running to represent your precinct.

Kathy Rose
Legislative District 1
Republican Committee Secretary