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Article V Convention & Other Updates – Rep. Karey Hanks

I oppose the resolution for a Constitutional Convention call.

Article V Convention & Other Updates – Rep. Karey Hanks

Committees and Legislation

The Health and Welfare committee passed a bill requiring licensing for sign language interpreters. I believe, contrary to the argument, that this is a restriction of free speech, including confusion and penalties as to who can lawfully sign. While I agree it is important for qualified individuals in health services, this can be accomplished without forcing everyone to pay $100-125 for licensure. To look at this bill, which passed the House and is now in the Senate, here is the link.

We had a presentation on CBD oil and Hemp in Agriculture committee by Erik Nelson. He has done extensive research and listed many of the benefits of hemp. While it is related to marijuana, CBD and hemp contain less than .03% THC, the mind-altering chemical. What is stopping the prospect of use in our state is Title 37 of Idaho Code. Under this code, and according to our own Attorney General, hemp is marijuana, and illegal. This means that stores all over Idaho that are selling hemp foods, hemp flour, hemp oil, hemp seeds—all these stores, otherwise compliant with federal law, are guilty under this code of felony trafficking of marijuana products.  For more information, check out his presentation.

In Jud/Rules, bills involving Civil Forfeiture (HB 172) and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing (HB 179) are among legislation we discussed and will be addressed on the House floor soon.

Christy Zito and I continue to urge Chairman Tom Loertscher to give our RS/bills a hearing in committee. Those on the committee were elected by districts of 44,000+ people and they (the committee members) should be the ones determining if this legislation should go to the House floor.

Article V Convention: Risky Business

This was written by a fellow legislator and I think it is very important to share with you.

  [This week] a bill was introduced in the Idaho Senate for Idaho to join a call for a Convention of the States.  The U.S. Constitution provides for several ways to amend the Constitution.  One is a convention of the states, where 2/3 of the states call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.  The proponents in Idaho want us to join the convention call so we can add a federal balanced budget amendment, others want term limits.

   I have researched the idea of joining in the call for a Constitutional Convention of the States. The proposal is troubling and here are a few reasons why. 

  • The convention will undoubtedly run out of its intended boundaries.
  • We could lose important Constitutional protections like the Second and Tenth Amendments.
  • History shows binding of delegates to specific topics is impossible to enforce.
  • Delegates will be the same sort of people who got us into this mess.
  • A balanced budget amendment will be easily ignored or circumvented.
  • The government doesn’t follow the Constitution now, what will a convention change?

   Read more details here:

   Overall, the risks of a constitutional convention outweigh the benefits.  It is a dangerous gambit, and I think we would lose.  We are in desperate need of fiscal restraint in Washington, DC, but what we really need are fiscally conservative statesmen making our budgeting decisions.  We can already have that if we want.  Elections matter.  I vote for fiscal restraint, but many of my colleagues in conservative Idaho do not; and Washington, DC is even worse.  We can do better. The people get the government they ask for, and a convention won’t suddenly create good government.  The people need to hold their elected officials accountable to the Constitution already in place, otherwise, amending the Constitution is an exercise in futility.  I oppose the resolution for a Constitutional Convention call.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Capitol!

Bills of Interest Update

Here is an update of some of the key bills working their way through the Capitol. 

H67  Income Tax Cut – Stalled in Senate Finance Committee.

H109 City referendum elections in all years – Stalled in Local Government Committee.

H110 Front license plates optional on some vehicles – Failed in the House, 28-42.

H137 Fix omission in law allowing homeowners to do electrical work on their property – Committee hearing on Feb. 23.

H154 Transparency in Tax Notices  – House Rev. and Tax Committee hearing pending.

H172 Civil Asset Forfeiture  – House Judiciary Committee.

S1050 Immunization Exemption Rights – Stalled in Senate H&W Committee.

___ – Repeal Common Core – Stalled in House Education Committee.

___ – Repeal the SBAC Test – Stalled in House Education Committee.

___ – Strengthen/Revise Castle Doctrine – Stalled in House State Affairs Committee.

___ – Concealed Gun Rights Expansion – Stalled in House State Affairs Committee.

___ – Require Informed Consent on Abortion Pills (to give women information about how to reverse a chemical abortion, therefore saving some babies before it’s too late) – In drafting stage.  Hearing pending.

___ – Firearms safety classes in high schools – Revisions, print hearing forthcoming.

___ – Electronic publishing of public notices – Stalled in Local Government Comm.

___ – Repeal Health Insurance Exchange – Stalled in Health and Welfare Comm.

___ – Article V Convention – Senate State Affairs Committee.

___ – Other tax cut bills – In drafting stage.


Lincoln Day Program: The Passage of the Morrill Act in the House of Representatives

The freshmen participated in a reenactment of the creation of land grant colleges that was funded through the sale of federal lands. The best part was music by a Boise High School trio: Liam R. Marchant (Alto Saxophone), Isaac Blake (Trombone), and Kay Harvey (Tuba) played “Shenandoah” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”


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  1. Thanks Shari….I agree 100% with Hanks,and her warnings. Misconstruction and abuse is now standard operating procedure for the Fed, and it’s come down to the issue of POWER, not law. Just who would the delegates be to this convention ? Every collectivist/socialist/communist in the country would be scrambling to go. How about delegates from New Jersey and – gasp – Commiefornia? No, it’s up to us folks.

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