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Another Group of Citizens on the LPOSD Levy

I am not against schools. They are necessary and proper.

Another Group of Citizens on the LPOSD Levy

Another Group of Citizens on the LPOSD Levy

“If elections mattered, they wouldn’t let us have them.”  ~Mark Twain

Concerning the upcoming levy election:

As I read the many letters in the paper, some vilifying certain people, others waxing rhapsodic about how schools and teachers are sooo special … and yet others throwing out numbers and saying it’s only a few dollars more, we must dig in and do it … it occurred to me that there is another group of citizens we haven’t heard from.

Who are they? Folks living on a fixed income and retired working men and veterans. We don’t have a wad of cash under our mattresses like some pro-taxation advocates seem to think. We are the truck drivers, welders, equipment operators, mechanics, painters, carpenters, and so on. We didn’t get college degrees; we worked with our hands using skills learned on the job. So it rankles when we have to live within our means and we are told to cough up more so the Superintendent can keep making $174,000 a year, bonus and benefits included. Maybe that’s what he’s just gotta make, but it just doesn’t seem right.

Can’t the LPOSD system live within its means? Perhaps they could do with six or seven football coaches instead of fifteen.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not against schools. They are necessary and proper. We need ‘em. But parents who homeschool or send their kids to a charter school or private school are made to pay twice – once for public school and once for the school the kids attend.

As for myself, I have no children, but I am compelled to pay for the education of other people’s children. When a company charges you for a service you don’t receive it’s called fraud. What shall we call this levy?

Whether you agree with me or not, get involved and vote! Let’s make this election matter.

Chris Allen

4 Comments on Another Group of Citizens on the LPOSD Levy

  1. We are a Republic
    The way the school funding in the US is set up it is really a Socialist funding where everyone pays even if they have never been through public schools and have no children in public schools. I find it some what confusing that Idaho say they pay for students education but Levies have to be run to fund the maintenance on their schools. Are sports so important that we consider that to be educational too?

  2. Great letter Chris. The problem is these state employees out- number the non-state workers. As long as they keep hiring they will only continue to out-number us. This is their intent. Take the control from the people and put it in the hands of the cities, counties, and state. This part of the Obama mentally that can and should be halted now that Trump is in office. Get out and vote against more taxes.

  3. LPOSD is living within its means. If you take what they received in revenue from the state. feds and local taxpayers in the 2008-09 fiscal year, adjust for 13% inflation since 2008, they are receiving $100 less per student in 2016-17 than eight years earlier.

    So, in fact, they are spending less than before the Great Recession.

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