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Making America Great Again – Where do we go from here?

The future is ours to create and share.

Making America Great Again - Where do we go from here?

Making America Great Again – Where do we go from here?

by Jim Boyer

Supporters of American liberty are up against people working to take all that we have. Liberal democrats want to eliminate the borders that protect us. They want what we earn, they want what we own, they want what we believe in and they want our children.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to what is happening in our country today. People have died to protect the rights we all enjoy, yet we are too often standing idle as those rights are taken away.

With the election of 2016 America won a golden opportunity to preserve our free republic and to make America great again. Little by little the nation has been taken in a much different direction than most people ever dreamed could be possible.

The twisting of facts and lying about history.

The leftist movement is led by a tri-lateral force of politicians, media and educators that have proven they do not have our best interests in mind. To push their agenda of social and civil destruction, they prey upon people who can be convinced that their disappointments with life’s bumps and bruises are the fault of someone else. The tools they employ are guilt, envy, jealousy and greed. The strategy employed is psychological projection; attributing their faults to others.

The formula is simple; find impressionable or unhappy people, tell them their misery is not their fault and then build a fire of resentment underneath them.

Observe the actions of destruction and violence by young people dominating our news streams and ponder the fact that the majority of them can’t articulate why they are there or what they want. Many of them were most likely only 12 or 13 years old with no concept of social-civil responsibility when Barack Obama was elected. Their display of lawless tantrums is the result of their formative years being lost in a system that sees them as tools or numbers.

Some will ask how this has happened. It happened, in large part because the back bone of America, the people who rallied to elect Donald J. Trump, were not paying attention to the activists around us over the years as we went to work, built businesses, paid our taxes, obeyed the law and devoted ourselves to our families.

It is hard, if not impossible to name a creation of liberalism that has benefited society.

Although from time to time a good sounding proposal may be pushed upon an often uninformed public, it is never long before it begins to expand in scope and turn out to be injurious to millions. ObamaCare, Affirmative Action and the banning of DDT are examples of negative results from what may have been well intentioned in the beginning.

Closer to home; in almost any community around the nation we find people being constrained or violated by environmental activism where properties are taken, negatively impacted or rendered worthless by regulations that were promoted as being good for people, air, water or even insects. Property is more than the land we plant our dreams in. The money taken from us in taxes represents time we have spent putting our own energy into productive outcomes, it is our property. But our government believes that money we have worked for is better spent on someone else who in many cases may not care to work, may not have come away from public school with any marketable skills, or may not even be a citizen of the United States.

People everywhere are mad or fearful and saying, “But, I’m just one person, what can I do?”

This is not a quick game or a conflict that ends with one victory. Liberals are tireless in working to tear down society from every angle. But if you are willing to fight for your freedom and want to preserve the liberty of self determination for your children and grand children you can become a powerful warrior with one singular objective.

Recruit one new voter!

In 2016 President Donald Trump got roughly 62 million votes. Hillary Clinton received close to 65 million which may or may not have been bolstered by illegal voters. But the point is that the divide in our country is very close to an even split and has been that way for some time.

Listen Up! Here’s a strategy we can employ with no lobbyists, no national party and no big money contributors. Educate and convince one new voter to join you in voting for conservative candidates. If just one out of four of us who voted for Donald Trump last year can bring a committed new voter to the polls we could deliver over 75 million votes in the next national election. An army of voters with that power can guarantee the preservation of the only country ever created with the intent of making people free.

Who can you urge to promise they will vote for freedom? How about a co-worker or neighbor who says they never vote? Or, how about a teenager who has yet to vote for their first time? Or, think about the ultimate score: converting a democrat voter is actually a two vote swing.

We all have known someone who has found a new love, joined a new club or started a new diet and we have witnessed the enthusiasm with which they share the joy of their new direction in life. A new political recruit will be no different. The likelihood of them converting another person themselves is greater than 50/50.

So what will it be? Will you commit yourself to converting just one new voter who will stand with you for freedom, or will you sit this one out and hope someone else does the hard work for you? The future is ours to create and share.



1 Comment on Making America Great Again – Where do we go from here?

  1. First and foremost; decrease the size of government at all levels. We, the working class, are being out voted by the same people we voted into office. They increase in numbers AND vote themselves big raises/bonuses. A tax reduction does no good as long as these people keep increasing in number and getting exorbitant salaries. New fire stations on every corner with new hired employees and million dollar fire trucks and million dollar buildings complete with a gym. All the while the roads DON’t get cleared and potholes abound.

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