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The Truth at your Fingertips – Representative Heather Scott

It is probably no accident I find myself in the crosshairs.

The Truth at your Fingertips san diego

The Truth at your Fingertips – Representative Heather Scott


by Representative Heather Scott

It is probably no accident I find myself in the crosshairs.  The week before the 2017 legislative session, I helped release a new website, Growing Freedom for Idaho,   which was created to help citizens keep an eye on what is happening in Idaho legislature and follow who is responsible.  This effort coming on the heels of my Engaged Citizen talks I conducted last year around the state, my efforts are seen as yet another challenge to the establishment because it shows citizens how to be informed and become engaged in the political process here in Idaho.

On December 1, 2016, I was in a private conversation with Rep. Judy Boyle at the legislative re-organization meeting in the lounge. In the course of our discussion I made an indignant comment about House Speaker Bedke arbitrarily pulling me, without cause or explanation, from the committees on which I had served for two years, while another legislator who had been caught in an extramarital affair with a another legislator,  had been promoted to a committee chairman position.  Admittedly, it was a harsh remark and in hindsight I should not have said it but it seems like leadership would rather discredit the messenger than deal with the message.

This statement has since been taken out of context, repeated, reworded, and disseminated by many in an apparent well-planned effort to escalate tensions and cause  controversy.

On January 11th, (41 days later ), I was summoned to a meeting in Speaker Bedke’s office, on the grounds that Rep. Boyle had been offended by the comment I made in December.  Rep. Boyle was present and confronted me about my comments.  After learning that she had been offended by my comments, I immediately and sincerely apologized to her, letting her know that I had been referring specifically to two other legislators and their appointments.  She rebuffed the apology, saying that I should have sensed her anger at the time by her body language.   The Speaker and others in the House leadership spent the better part of an hour berating me with their views of my actions.  We eventually discussed several paths forward but there was no clear directive given to me in writing to bring this issue to closure.  I told them I would think and pray about the matter as to who all I needed to apologize to because I felt uncomfortable apologizing for gossip for something taken out of context. .

That night someone in our meeting chose to leak to the media the headlines “Representative Heather Scott faces possible sanctions for saying House members advance through sexual favors.”

Also on January 11, Representative Christy Perry shared a letter she wrote to the House leadership with the media that viciously attacked my character.  The letter can be viewed here:  [Click Here to View Christy Perry’s Letter] My public response to this hurtful slanderous letter by Rep.  Perry to the Speaker:

A letter to Speaker Bedke by Rep. Perry, full of innuendos, baseless accusations, and slander, which should have remained confidential, was provided to the press by Ms. Perry on 1/11/17.  It amounts to a character assassination and seems designed to malign my reputation, marginalize my effect on legislation, cause fellow legislators to shun me, and depict herself as some sort of victim, presumably to draw attention away from her personal moral and ethics issues which came to the public’s and the legislature’s attention last summer.  Rep. Perry seems to be incensed to the point of hysteria by many purported issues concerning me but has never contacted me about any of them.  Among them are her versions of behavior diagnoses, her professed fear for her physical safety, and her objection to the many Engaged Citizen talks I have given around the state.    She also makes reference to my “damaging historical state property” in 2015.

Rep. Perry’s caustic statements appear designed to cause maximum upheaval in the House, to divide the legislature, and cast suspicion and derision on anyone speaking truth to power and thereby challenging the status quo.

On January 12, Speaker Bedke, before giving me fair opportunity to fulfill his vaguely suggested remediation steps and without due process, stripped me of all my committee assignments, an action for which there is no appeal.  It had the effect of preventing my influence or vote on any legislation before those committees, which is the crucial point whether a bill dies or goes forward to a vote on the House floor.  I am therefore deprived of an important function to serve my constituents and can only vote on the House floor.  His actions are unprecedented, and have never been administered to this degree in the history of the state of Idaho.

On January 16, I was deeply gratified when five legislative House colleagues courageously stood up against Speaker Bedke’s abuse of power and requested that Speaker Bedke remove them from their respective assignments until we were all equally represented on committees.  He refused.


Standing on truth and principle is hard and at times scary. It is easy to stand with the crowd; it takes courage to stand alone. The support of citizens and legislators from across the state and country has been humbling! Thank you so much.

The shut up-and-comply pressure from the establishment has been intense.

[Click Video]===>

The five legislators who stood up on the house floor and asked the Speaker to return me to my committees so my citizens will be properly represented are COURAGEOUS. Others have privately supported, but are in fear of receiving perceived consequences. Thank you to Representatives Dorothy Moon, Christy Zito, Ron Nate, Priscilla Giddings, and Kerry Hanks. Please thank these liberty legislators and show them the support that you have shown me. THANK YOU!

[Click video] ===>

Although I apologized to individual legislators who may have overheard my comments from December 1, on January 19th, I made an official apology within my caucus meeting to everyone in an effort to move forward and bring closure.   Here is a link to my official apology:

[Click Here to read my official apology]

The Speaker’s response to my individual and public apologies was null.    You can view his immediate responses in writing here:

  [Click to view responses]

And his 30 minute video response on Idaho Public Television here:

[Click Video to view]======>

The majority of the public has accepted my formal apology and the huge ourpouring of support has been humbling.  Thank You, we all mistakes, and I thank you for accepting my sincere apology.  Here is the first batch of my legislative email letters concerning Speaker Bedke’s actions I wanted to share.  I have highlighted some parts.

There is a transition of power from top down government back to the people occurring throughout our country.  This will be a painful transition for old school, establishment politicians who I believe are out of touch with today’s generation.  This incident should show Speaker Bedke and others they are not all powerful and that the people have the power. Hundreds and thousands are rallying a grass roots movement against unjust government actions similar to this across the country.

The Speaker doesn’t want reconciliation but apparently wants to silence the voice of the citizens and liberty minded legislators.  I didn’t go to Boise to conform to the current business as usual.  I went to Boise to pass legitimate legislation and promote liberty principles. Exposing corruption seems to go hand in hand with these principles.  Just because the establishment doesn’t like my style, doesn’t mean my views and the voices of the citizens should be silenced.

The same politics President Trump talked about in his State of the Union Address are the same politics I believe in and what I stand for and what Idahoans need to stand for.

I too am tired of politicians that make excuses, complain and refuse to act or act corrupt.

Eventually, evil loses! This issue is no longer about what I said, it is about what I stand for:  Integrity in Government.

On Friday 1/27/17, I stood before the full House floor and asked the Speaker to be reinstated to my committee positions believing I had fulfilled leadership’s apology requests. I was denied and for reasons only known to leadership, my numerous apologies have not been good enough to meet whatever moving random standard they see fit to develop.  Each attempt has been rebuffed, pooh-poohed, or dismissed as not sincere enough.  We all know the effectiveness and sincerity of apologies is virtually eliminated when the person who is apologizing is forced to grovel.  In a final effort to bring closure to this issue, I have agreed to one final apology to a specific group within the House at the request of leadership.  I welcome the chance to clear the air with this group and I look forward to House leadership honoring its commitment to me to return me to my committees by February 1st and end any further punishments against me related to this issue.



Throughout the constant vicious attacks, I have continued to watch or attend committee meetings and keep my constituents up to date with newsletters:…/bulletins/180c956

I have also tried to get the message out through radio and a few interviews:

I appreciate your support, and diligent efforts to be informed citizens.

9 Comments on The Truth at your Fingertips – Representative Heather Scott

  1. Heather,

    There is a very good reason why you are drawing so much flak : YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO THEIR TARGET! You take your duty of REPRESENTING We The People, seriously. THEY, on the other hand, have grown fat and deaf, living on the power which they abusively took away from We The People, using the feeble and wrong headed lie that they are our “LEADERS”. Those politicians need to either change into public SERVANTS, as our form of government demands, or go find a real job. If I wanted “LEADERS”, I would move to North Korea – they have LOTS of “LEADERS” there (sarcasm intended).

    Bedke and his kabal brother Guthrie will cover for each other, regardless of the clear moral & ethical violations. Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows. Imagine what we’ll know about these guys and their interconnections with passing time.

    With The Greatest Respect for You,


  2. Heather,

    Your response to being reinstated on the committees was superb. Coming back hard instead of crawling is a clear sign of knowing you were in the right and willing to stand up.

  3. Hang in there they say “you know you are over the target when taking the flak”.

    The tyrants in both parties will ultimately fall!

  4. The people of Idaho desparately need to understand that if you allow this kind of despotism to flourish you will soon be called California. Never listen to what leadership says, only look at what they do, especially if you are not getting what was promised. The specialty of the Left (marxist/socialists aka the power hungry) is to endlessly promise utopia but deliver a junkyard. Plus they will give you the privilege of paying for it. As the old song goes, you will wake up after 40 years of slumber “with dead leaves in your pockets and snowflakes in your hair”. If you allow this organized power grab to continue your State will become like Calif. where 1/4 to 1/5 of the state is wealthy and the rest is a third world country. False environmentalist policy and Gov. regs are next on the agenda and if you think you already have this, try living in California where paying stupid tax (fees) has been raised to an art form. For details of this mess, read articles by Victor Davis Hanson at the Hoover Institute- yes there are a few sane people left in cali.

  5. Every story has two sides and people who are interested in truth should evaluate what is being brought forth by the parties involved.

    One point to ponder: Think of putting yourself in Heather Scott’s position with an overwhelming of questionable information and punitive action taken against you; and ask yourself if you would continue the schedule of sitting in committee meetings out of loyalty to your constituents and respect for your office. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think most people could answer that call.

    Heather Scott deserves our respect no matter what we think of the facts as portrayed.

    Jim Boyer, Blanchard

  6. Please know that I stand with you Representative Scott. My fear is that good citizens will remain silent and thereby condone the abusive and intolerable acts you have cited above. Bedke, et al have normalized this kind of power over the people. And who has spoken against it? He and others only have the power we allow them to have. Time is up. We have a short two years to reign in this tyranny. Who will raise their voice? If not you then who? If not now then when? Twitter, FB, blogs, emails, Letters to the Editor are the new media.

  7. Hang in there kid, while Trump gets after draining the swamp and pulling the teeth of the alligators in DC eventually you and your stalwart associates will find a way to pull the plug on the kiddy pool the old guard think they are the big fish of in Boise. Godspeed!

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