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Scott Bedke


By Donna Capurso

When a politician is in a position of power, even in a state legislature like the Idaho House of Representatives, such as Scott Bedke, Idaho’s current speaker of the House, and he abuses his power, it is up to “We the People” to call him on it.

Our Legislative District 1 Representative Heather Scott happened to make a comment to Rep. Judy Boyle in December of 2016 regarding the misconduct of a female Representative and how political favors are awarded. Rep. Scott did not mention any names, but anyone with a computer and pays attention to what happens politically in Idaho knows about the scandalous behavior of married Rep. Christy Perry and her adulterous affair with married Senator Jim Guthrie. The results of this affair has resulted in both Guthrie’s and Perry’s divorces; no surprise there. If you are not familiar with the details, here are a few articles to bring you up to speed: here, here, and here.

But instead of Perry being reprimanded for her unethical, as well as felonious breaking of Idaho statute, she has been rewarded by House Speaker Scott Bedke. She has been given the chairmanship of the Local Government committee, and is a committee member of Health & Welfare as well as the Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee. And I have to ask the question…why? And what has Bedke done? Because Rep. Heather Scott made a comment in a personal conversation that supposedly “offended” Rep. Judy Boyle a whole month after the occurrence. Heather did apologize for the comment as she did not mean to offend anyone, however she has been stripped of every committee assignment without due process and by Bedke’s decision alone.

And what started this opportunity for Bedke to try to take down our north Idaho Representative? Perhaps a letter written by the adulterous Christy Perry, crying wolf saying she is afraid of Rep. Scott because she carries a gun when Perry carries a gun and owns a gun store? Good grief, just how hypocritical can one woman be?

By the Idaho Legislative House Rules, an Ethics Committee is be for formed by the end of the 12th day from the first day of the legislative session. According to the legislative calendar, tomorrow, January 16th is the 8th day of the legislative session making this Friday, January 20th the 12th day. Once this ethics committee is formed, the first order of business should be an ethics complaint against Christy Perry under House Rule #76 for the following transgressions:

2. (b) (i)   Conduct unbecoming a Representative which is detrimental to the integrity of the House as a legislative body;

(iii) Conduct constituting a felony under any state law (both Rep. Christy Perry and Senator Jim Guthrie have admitted their guilt, and their conduct falls under Idaho Code 18-6601, a felony.) A complete investigation and audit should be completed to determine if any Idaho public funds were used in the commission of this felony.

(v)   A violation of any state law or House rule that brings discredit to the House of Representatives or that constitutes a breach of public trust.

By stripping Rep. Scott’s committee assignments, House Speaker Scott Bedke has not only violated Rep. Heather Scott’s First Amendment right to free speech, he has violated the Rule of Law, not adhered to due process and is on a witch hunt for Heather Scott’s demise who is an elected Idaho House Representative. Bedke needs to be held accountable for his actions, and perhaps an ethics complaint against him should occur.

Bedke does not understand Heather’s supporters. We north Idahoans are not going to sit back idly while tyrant Bedke tries to destroy Rep. Scott’s effectiveness in “Growing Freedom for Idaho.” Bedke has disenfranchised the 55,000 people of Legislative District 1 by taking away our Representative’s ability to make a difference by having the ability to represent her constituents by serving on House committees.

Rep Heather Scott fights for our rights, freedom, justice and our conservative core values. She is a Christian that is not afraid to stand her ground and to “tell it like it is.” RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Bedke and his ilk do not like Heather shining her bright light on them and their misdeeds, corruption, and progressive agenda. “We the People” of north Idaho refuse to be ignored, to be marginalized and to be maligned. Enough is enough. Heather needs our support and we need to “have her back” just as she has had ours, from day one.

In regards to politicians, one of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes is: “If they can’t see the light, make them feel the heat.”

I am asking every north Idahoan, as well as any other Idahoan or American citizen that believes in “doing the right thing” and believes in the power of the people of our republic, to contact Speaker Scott Bedke at the Idaho Capitol at 208 332-1123, at his home at 208 862-3619 and/or at the very least, send him an email at Rep. Heather Scott needs to have her committee assignments reinstated by Bedke and it would be appropriate for Bedke to make a public apology to Rep. Scott.

I close with my own personal thoughts. People make mistakes but how they handle those mistakes will either show their integrity or lack thereof. Power, control, greed, corruption, ego, jealousy and dishonesty will always be a part of the human species. However, a person’s own character will be determined by their mind, soul, spirituality, and core values, often referred to as their psyche. How a person handles the negative influences and temptations they encounter will determine the kind of person they truly are.

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