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Sandpoint City Council’s Greenprint Plunder

Let the Council know you reject their pseudo-science power grab outside the city limits

Greenprint Plunder

Greenprint Plunder

In the Sandpoint Greenprint Appendices, it is stated that 39.6% of Bonner County land is privately owned. I understand that more than 60% of that privately owned land is owned by timber companies (Stimson, etc). The impression is that the goal of the Greenprint is to reduce futher economic and residential growth in the County and increase the wilderness aspects of the County. It would reduce the opportunities for productive uses, as well.

Land set aside reduces the potential revenue base for all County residents and discourages businesses from locating here.

The Sandpoint City government has on a number of occasions (garages, BID, sidewalks) demonstrated its preference to take but not to give. The Greenprint smells of the latest attempt to plunder from the rightful owners of property. A plundering in the name of protecting water, recreation, land and wildlife while taking from the civilian population.

Arrogantly enough, the target population does not live within the Sandpoint City limits. That arrogance implies that the government, as so often is the case with Socialists, believes that the population outside of the city cannot be trusted to do what the city government believes is best for them. The City planner and Council should focus on improving services more important such as the waste water treatment, street maintenance, etc.

Let the Council know you reject their pseudo-science power grab outside the city limits and prefer they focus on better management within the city – with a new city planner.


Jeremy Conlin