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BREAKING: More of Mike Moyle’s Oozy Boise Swampy Stuff


More Oozy Swampy Stuff

by Sue Dawson

Regarding the incident at the Idaho State Legislature January 20, 2017 when Majority Leader Mike Moyle violated ethics by announcing to a large group of capitol visitors that a legislator would be “jettisoned” within the next couple of weeks, he violated ethics rules of the Legislature and then followed up with the violation of Idaho State law of intimidating a witness to a civil proceeding. The civil proceeding that would likely take place is in an appearance of witnesses before the Ethics Committee of the Idaho House of Representatives.

The article presented at 1/24/2017 “Idaho Majority Leader Mike Moyle Violates Ethics Rules” was evidently of immediate concern to Moyle. The same day the article disclosed his conduct to the public, Moyle contacted two legislators who he knew to be present in the room where he spoke to the visiting group. He, being the Majority Leader wielding significant power over their functions at the House, questioned the two legislators about what they remembered him saying. He was visibly upset at the time and was thorough in his questions. Moyle said definitively that he did not say this or that and asked for confirmation of such from both legislators.

In addition to his first ethics violation, Moyle has now doubled his ethics problem with intimidating a witness according to Idaho State Code Title 18 – Crimes and Punishments Chapter 26 – Evidence Falsified or Concealed and Witnesses Intimidated or Bribed Section 18-2604 –Intimidating a witness. Moyle contacted witnesses that he had significant influence over and applied not so subtle pressure to influence their “memory of the incident”. This is a problem. But to Moyle, I contend, it was business as usual. The culture of intimidation and work place bullying is a daily norm. He probably thinks it is his job to control what these two say (as in another pending situation) or maybe that it is their job to protect him? At this point Moyle (and Bedke) are so far off the track they can’t see right from wrong.

Feeling the tropical ooooze yet?


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2 Comments on BREAKING: More of Mike Moyle’s Oozy Boise Swampy Stuff

  1. Rep. Moyle is in obvious damage control mode now.

    Taking that old cowboy, Will Rogers’, advice would be prudent right about now: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

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