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Growing Freedom for Idaho

growing freedom

Growing Freedom for Idaho

Boise, Idaho – January 5, 2017 – The Idaho Legislature will have the opportunity to support a strong agenda for Growing Freedom in Idaho during the 2017 Legislative Session. The agenda, driven by citizen input and geared toward cultivating greater personal freedoms for Idahoans, was released today by Representatives Heather Scott (R-1A) and Ronald Nate (R-34A).

The Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda is part of a larger website called The website was created to help citizens follow bills through committees, comment to appropriate legislators who are responsible for passing, killing, or holding bills in committee (the process by which many important ideas are never allowed to be heard by the full legislative body), and provide information about the ways citizens can be more involved with government accountability. The site will also offer a quick guide to all bills being proposed in the House and a brief description of what the consequences of passing those bills will be to citizens.

The 2017 Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda currently includes over 60 bills arranged by categories important to liberty. Categories include Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom and More Transparency. Each of the bills are focused on returning personal freedoms to Idahoans as well as undoing past infringements. Legislators who favor “the People” over “establishment policies” are showing a strong willingness to support this new Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda.

With Idaho facing another year of revenues exceeding projections (a surplus of at least $130 million), constituents across the state should be encouraged to direct their legislators to respect the rights of taxpayers to keep their hard-earned incomes and actively support the Growing Freedom for Idaho agenda of reducing tax burdens on Idaho workers, families and businesses.

For Idahoans who want to view the full agenda, or propose bill ideas of their own, information can be found at the Growing Freedom for Idaho website at

Representatives Scott and Nate encourage all Idahoans to contact their district legislators and remind them the vast majority of Idaho citizens value freedom, natural rights, and our Constitution—which was established to protect these rights. The Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda will be an important tool for Idaho’s citizens and legislature to actively demonstrate their respect for individual freedom and to protect our State’s 10th Amendment rights.



Rep. Heather Scott – District 1

PO Box 134 Blanchard, Idaho 83804

Phone: 208-920-3120

Rep. Ronald Nate – District 34

2139 Ferris Lane Rexburg, ID 83440

Ph: 208-403-3609

1 Comment on Growing Freedom for Idaho

  1. pray for Nevada..our good friends Janine Hansen and Lynn Chapman have their hands full this Legislative session as Dems control and there are MANY socialist, anti-constitution bills!!!!
    Janine drives every weekend for 6 plus hrs to get to Carson City from Elko. She stays with friends during the week, making this drive throughout the session! Lynn gives of her time and honor to learn the bills and speak on them!
    These Patriots have done this for decades!!!!

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