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Idaho Snowflake that Needs A Safe Space

Rep. Christy Perry snowflake

Rep. Christy Perry – A Snowflake that Needs A Safe Space

by Shari Dovale

Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa, took to the political arena this week to malign a fellow woman legislator in a blatant political attack.

Christy Perry wrote a letter to Scott Bedke, Speaker of the Idaho House, to whimper, whine and complain about Representative Heather Scott, R-Blanchard. Timing suggests that this letter is what started the establishment witch hunt against Ms. Scott.

This is an obvious distraction on Perry’s part, designed to get leadership and her constituents to forget her own sexual escapades of the recent past that has led to her husband filing for divorce.

Perry and Senator Jim Guthrie were caught in a nasty love connection that they lied about and causing great misery to their families. It has been reported that they quite possibly will be facing disciplinary actions now that the new session has begun.

But, Perry would have you believe it was just a wee, little mistake that you should overlook.

Now, to top this, she has pulled the liberal snowflake card and told the State that women legislators are in Fear for their Lives because Representative Scott carries a gun! ~~G*A*S*P~~ She has asked Bedke to “make necessary adjustments to secure a comfortable and safe work environment.”

What makes this such a blatant deception is that Christy Perry not only carries a gun herself, but she OWNS a Gun Store!

I call out Perry to dump water on her PANTS ON FIRE! Instead of spending her time attacking an elected official from our state, maybe Perry should spend her free time reading John 8:7.

However, maybe it will be enough for Scott Bedke to overlook the necessary disciplinary action against Perry and Guthrie.

If Perry is successful in distracting the Idaho House from her own indiscretions, I will certainly gather all the purple ribbons I can find and ship them to Scott Bedke.



7 Comments on Idaho Snowflake that Needs A Safe Space

  1. The article referenced about the possibility of discipline was written before the general election in November. Since Perry was re-elected after that, and then appointed as chair of the Local Government Committee. I think that pretty much rules out discipline. Unless Bedke decides to try and save face.

  2. The Speaker does not appear to be administering his “justice” equally. Wish we had more Reps like Scott who calls it like she sees it…just like the popular president-elect.

  3. Perhaps the WIVES of the other representatives should “live in fear” of what Perry will do next? She obviously has little concern for THOSE Women.

  4. It’s retaliation, for sure. How could a rational, intelligent person not see what Perry is doing? I’ve seen this behavior so, so many times in my working career, that it doesn’t surprise me to see it our state government as well. What this does tell me about Perry is that she most likely carries an ego. A good, decent person (w/o malice) would probably set a time to see Rep. Scott to sit down to have a talk, face-to-face, and perhaps apologize if she had said or done anything to alienate Rep. Scott, or vice versa. Being humble and learning from one’s mistakes goes a long way in repairing relationships. Obviously Rep. Perry didn’t do this. What she DID DO was run to Speaker Bedke to complain, and her complaints are laughable. Grow up, Rep. Perry.

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