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Burns Chronicles – Will Kullman (Nighthawk) part 2


Burns Chronicles No 52
Will Kullman (Nighthawk) #2

by Gary Hunt
December 30, 2016

I have been contacted by a number of people who were contacted by Kullman, after the “Burns Chronicles No 51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)“went out. His line to them is that I (Hunt) am a BATF agent. Heck, that accusation goes back to 1993, and in all of that time, nobody has been able to provide any substance to that accusation. That just shows how cheap talk is.

I have also been provided a copy of a text conversation from back in September, about the time the Portland Trial, Ammon Bundy, et al, began. So, we will begin with that text conversation. I have indicated Kullman’s comments with K and the other participant as S. This discussion took place before and during the trial that began on September 7, 2016.

SEP 4 AT 10:08 PM

K:  I’m going to Portland for the Bundy trials. Will you be there

SEP 21 AT 5:46 PM

S:  Dude… People are freaking out your like McConnell… is this true?

K:  Excuse me?

S:  Ya. Everyone is telling me you were buddy buddy with him and you mysteriously left last week after they showed your picture. I’m not saying it that’s not me… it paranoia all over again… someone said you are testifying for the prosecution. Blah blah blah… figured you would want to know

K:  First and foremost before the Bundys before the trials before any of this Mark and I Marine brothers just like John Ritzheimer and our bond is before everything else. Period. I have no idea what you mean by showing my picture I left on Thursday afternoon because I had trial myself here in Washington Friday morning for my son in custody. I’m not testifying for anybody and I risked a lot going to the courthouse, and because I was in Portland for a week and didn’t see my son before my trial I end up losing custody of my son so I sacrificed to be there don’t lump me in with Jason Blomgren just because he squealed like a pig.

Note that he mentions Ritzheimer, claiming that their “bond is before everything else.” This was brought up in ” Burns Chronicles No 51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)“, when Kullman told Peltier to tell Ritzheimer, “Semper Fi!”

Now, we will jump to the end of the next discussion, which took place on Facebook. The initial discussion began on the day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered, January 26, and concluded on the next day. The conversation picks up again on December 28, 2016. It is this last portion that we will begin with. This is the day that the first Kullman article was published.

8:23 pm [December 28, 2016]

Friend:  Not sure what is going on but you are being tagged in the Patriot community as an informant against the refuge guys.  Outpost of Freedom has evidence and has written an article against you.  What the hell is going on?  I trusted you

8:37 pm

Kullman:  I’m not sure.  I was just told of it.  And haven’t finished reading the article myself

I don’t know how they would come to that conclusion, I’m one of the biggest patriots in this state and make it known because I’m proud of who I am.

8:39 pm

Friend:  I’ve been hit up by the armchair warriors stalking my page that keep pming me telling me how terrible I am that we are “friends” on fb…but I can’t find your name on my list.  Strange.  Gary Hunt called you for your input but you hung up on him.  What the hell is going on?

8:41 pm

Kullman:  Only 2 things in the article I’ve read so far are true.  Me telling Maureen I wanted to come help, and that I hung up on him cause he’s a known ATF agent.

And as far as Robert Hart, this character I turned into the Feds for wanting to kill cops, I didn’t tell the Feds that.  I told the Bundy’s, Payne, Patrick and Ritz about that guy.

8:42 pm

Friend:  Hunt is a known ATF agent?  What?  Bullshit!

8:43 pm

Kullman:  He mentions me in another one of his articles but what is written isn’t even true about me.  He says I brought night vision and a 300 win mag to the refuge but I’ve never owned any of those things.  I brought my AR and my pistol.

You can look all over the internet and find articles wherever the patriot community has come into play, Gary hunt is there

8:45 pm

Friend:  Of course he’s there.  He’s a Patriot journalistWhy would he write crap about you if it weren’t true?

8:48 pm

Kullman:  Idk.  I’m getting all sorts of messages and stuff.  Not sure what to think about this.

8:50 pm

Friend:  I’ve known Gary since Sky was arrested and he seems as if he doesn’t like to publish anything unless he has proof of what he’s writing…I would like to see proof of his accusation if I were you.  If it’s not true, I would demand proof.

8:51 pm

Kullman:  My only worry is if I do it, he will twist my words.

8:52 pm

Friend:  That’s why you document everything in writing…your words can’t be twisted without proof that the words are being twisted if it’s in writing.

8:52 pm

Kullman:  I’m gonna try and absorb this.  Appreciate you writing me.

8:53 pm

Friend:  Why?  If these accusations are untrue, I’d be pissed and I would get on his page and ask for proof in the comment section of the article.

8:54 pm

Kullman:  Appreciate you writing meDon’t write to me again.

I didn’t realize that Kullman had already turned “Robert Hart” in to the feds. I can see no reason, whatsoever, that a person would turn a patriot over to the feds for what he said. That decision should be something to be decided by than more than one individual, and should be made by people that might be affected by whatever Hart said or did. If all else failed, then, their decision might be to turn Hart over to the feds. For a sole person to make such a decision could, as easily, be to an attempt to garner favor (or money) from the feds, as much as anything else.

It is also clear that Kullman wants to discredit the information contained in the article by trying to discredit the author (me), instead of discrediting the content of the article. However, the “Friend” knows me, well.

I want to provide the opportunity to someone that I am exposing as an informant to have his say.  To do so, I endeavor to give that person the opportunity to provide something that would prove that I am wrong in my deductions. If I have a phone number, I call that person to give him such an opportunity. In this instance, I called, and it went to voicemail.  Within just a few seconds, insufficient time for Kullman to have listened to the message, I received a phone call from Kullman. If you listen closely, you can hear the click after I say “events”. That is when Kullman hung up his phone.

Understand that I do record the calls that I make under these circumstances. First, to confirm that the call was made. Second, to make sure that if they make any comments, or provide information that contradicts what I have written, that I can be precise in what I write in any follow-up on the article.

Regarding Kullman’s communication with the “Friend”, we can now go back to what occurred on January 26, 2016. That was the day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered by the Oregon State Police, and in which the FBI has yet to conclude its “investigation” into the role that their agents played in those few minutes that were the last of LaVoy’s life.  The communication, on FB, begins just about 5 1/2 hours after the shooting.

1/26, 10:02 pm

Kullman:  [Friend], I was at Schuyler’s case back in December, don’t know if you remember me.  I have been at the refuge in Oregon with Jason Patrick and the Bundys (god help us all for what happened today) but I was wondering when Schuyler’s next court date was so I could be there now that I am home.

1/26, 10:05 pm

Friend:  May 2 is the trial date and we don’t know when the Motion hearings will be.

1/26, 10:05 pm

Kullman:  Ok perfect.  What’s the plan?

1/26, 10:05 pm

Friend:  For OR or the Sky’s court?

1/26, 10:07 pm

Kullman:  Both?  I know we don’t know each other that well, but I was in Oregon as a leader of the Militia down there.  As well as PSD for the Bundys.  I just want to know what else I can do here with you for Schuyler and Oregon if there is anything else we can do…I know Schuyler protected you.  He is my Brother, and Fellow Marine.  If there is anything you need as far as security, let me know.  I need details of everything.

1/26, 10:13 pm

Friend:  I cannot talk about any plans on fb but the feds do not know the powder keg they just opened.  The fuse has been lit and it could be bloody on both sides.  Thank you for the offer.  Schuyler is our boy and what the feds did to set him up is wrong on so many levels.  Now they are trying to go after my wife.  She has an attorney but the feds want to charge her for bogus crap concerning Sky.

1/26, 10:15 pm

Kullman:  Any other way we can communicate.  I know the PPN was there before when I was there, but, I have teams here in Western Washington that are ready to go.  I just want the best clarification as possible.

I am so sorry they are going after [Friend’s wife].  She is a GOOD woman.  I enjoyed our interaction at the Wandering Goose when we went there for lunch.

Not sure if you still have my contact info, but email me or call me anytime you need ANYTHING.  4253197669

1/26, 10:19 pm

Friend:  PPN was told to stand down but the folks at the refuge are begging for more manpower.  It is my understanding that people are gearing up and going down there.

1/26, 10:20 pm

Kullman:  PPN was told to stand down AT the refuge but they maintained an outer perimeter in burns for us.  As far as people going down, more people are just talking then actually acting.  I was planning on heading back down tomorrow until I heard about Lavoy, god rest his soul, but now I need to stay and try and organize as many men as I can to go and fight.  A broken arrow message has been sent to every able bodied man that can take up arms and fight to come to Oregon.  Let me know when you’re coming down so we can set up a meet.

1/26, 10:22 pm

Kullman:  Once we leave Malheur, we will move on to other refuges that are illegally controlled by our corrupt government.  We will push and push.  I know you have a group of guys that are ready to fight.  I want in.  There is a refuge on your side of the state.  We can take it.

1/26, 10:25 pm

Friend:  I want to go down to OR but the wife is court ordered not to leave the state and I’m not going to leave her alone.

1/26, 10:26 pm

Kullman:  Absolutely not, you will not leave her!  How many guys you got going?  (roughly, please don’t give me an exact number)  I have “5” guys who are gonna gear up with me.

1/26, 10:27 pm

Friend:  I don’t have any guys going down.  We are Sheepdogs, not militia.

1/26, 10:27 pm

Kullman:  I’ll assume smaller but awesome!

The problem with the west side of the state, is it not as organized here as it is where you’re at.

I’m assuming you know that.

So it’s hard to get people together.

1/26, 10:28 pm

Friend:  We have about 2400 members in our group and that is a rough figure but like I said, we aren’t militia.  We are Sheepdogs.

1/26, 10:29 pm

Kullman:  Are you friends with Steve McLaughlin?

1/26, 10:30 pm

Friend:  Not sure, why?

1/26, 10:31 pm

Kullman:  Oh, he’s the rancher from eastern Washington and the president of Liberty Watch Washington.  He’s a good man

1/26, 10:32 pm

Kullman:  I met him at the rally in Olympia last week.  He spoke of OR and Schuyler.  He’s the rancher with problems.  I’ll join you guys when you take over the refuge on the eastern side.

1/26, 10:32 pm

Friend:  Interesting.  Schuyler never mentioned him.  We aren’t taking over anything.

1/26, 10:32 pm

Kullman:  Steve McLaughlin

He spoke of Schuyler briefly in reference to our rights being taken from us, and people being punished unjustly.  Like Schuyler.  He didn’t say he knew him personally.

1/26, 11:05 pm

Friend:  Copy that.  I will contact Steve and see what he wishes folks to do.

Is he the one that is a Reardon Police Officer?  What is his fb link?

1/26, 11:08 pm

Kullman:  No, he is retired Navy I think.

1/26, 11:17 pm

Kullman:  Just got off the phone with a person who was with the people that were arrested and he was released.  Told me what happened to everyone including Payne and Lavoy.

1/26, 11:18 pm

Friend:  How was he released?

Ammon was on the phone with Carol giving her a play by play as the whole thing unfolded.  She recorded it.  Wonder if that person who was released has the same story.

Who is this person?

1/26, 11:22 pm

Kullman:  Mark McConnell.  He drove the jeep

1/26, 11:22 pm

Friend:  What did he tell you?  Something smells off about this guy.  Why was he released?

1/26, 11:25 pm

Kullman:  He said that him and Payne and the other vehicle got pulled over.  That as soon as Payne and him were pulled out of the truck, Lavoy took off.  Crashed the truck into a snow bank and then when they Leo got to the truck, he advanced on the Leo.  Apparently telling them to shoot him, and he kept advancing so they did.

1/26, 11:25 pm

Kullman:  He said that they grilled him for about two hours and couldn’t get anything on him but trespassing because he wasn’t there when they took the refuge

Apparently him and some 18 year old girl

Got off with being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”

1/26, 11:26 pm

Friend:  That is not what Ammon was telling Carol.  The video shows LaVoy being shot in the back.

Something is off…

1/26, 11:27 pm

Kullman:  Mark wasn’t there when Lavoy was shot, he said that’s what he was told.

I don’t think mark would lie, I think mark May have been told something else.

1/26, 11:27 pm

Friend:  I agree.

1/26, 11:27 pm

Kullman:  Because I don’t believe for a second Lavoy would advance on Leo

Mark is a good man.  I think he was just fed some bullshit to try and spill the beans but he didn’t

1/26, 11:28 pm

Friend:  If Mark was driving the jeep when they got pulled over, how was he not there when Lavoy was shot and why was he released?

1/26, 11:28 pm

Kullman:  Because LaVoy sped off in the other vehicle

1/26, 11:29 pm

Friend:  I got that part.  But why was he released when he was the one driving the jeep?

1/26, 11:29 pm

Kullman:  With Ammon, Shawna, and the 18 year old

Again, I think mark was just fed some shit to try and get him to spill the beans on anything but he didn’t budge.  Now he’s stranded in burns over night with no shelter.  They won’t release his jeep for 24 hours

1/26, 11:32 pm

Friend:  I still don’t understand.  How can he be getting his jeep back?  Something’s wrong here.  Me thinks it’s a set up and whoever goes down there will either be killed or set up, too.

1/26, 11:33 pm

Kullman:  I’ll be there by their side.

Kullman:  I need to sleep.  Calm my mind down.  Stay frosty.

1/26, 11:33 pm

Friend:  Watch your six….

1/26, 11:33 pm

Kullman:  Always

1/26, 11:33 pm

Friend:  Amen

Schuyler is on lock down.  They took him to solitary.

1/26, 11:35 pm

Kullman:  What the hell for?!?!

1/26, 11:35 pm

Friend:  Don’t know.  That is all that was said.

1/26, 11:36 pm

Kullman:  This is getting outrageous

We need to get him the hell out of there, but solitary!?!?  Are you breaking him out?

1/26, 11:37 pm

Friend:  They had him in solitary the first week he was there then moved him to population.  Now he is back.  No, I’m not breaking him out.

1/26, 11:37 pm

Kullman:  Wooooooow.  That’s absurd in my opinion

1/26, 11:38 pm

Friend:  Why?  I’m not going on a suicide mission to break him out.  I know the feds are scared but…

1/26, 11:48 pm

Kullman:  They should be.

1/26, 11:52 pm

Friend:  I’m not sure what to do or think at this point.

1/26, 11:53 pm

Kullman:  With more support coming from others in the state we should be able to break him out.

1/26, 11:53 pm

Friend:  It’s a bad idea all around and I know Sky won’t want it.  He wants to take this to the Supreme Court and he can’t do that on the run doing stupid shit.

You can see how often Kullman tries to bait Friend by asking him his plans or encouraging certain activities. This is well beyond what any reasonable person would answer, especially on FB and with someone that you didn’t know. But, apparently, Kullman’s desperation to increase his worth to the FBI led him to try, desperately, to get the Friend, a real friend to Schuyler Barbeau, to talk about plans for both Schuyler’s role (which the FBI knew about from intelligence in December 2015) and what might happen in Burns. However, much of his story is contrived. Let’s look at what he claims about his knowledge, acquired from Mark McConnell, at a time that he could not even have had the opportunity to talk with McConnell.

I interviewed McConnell on January 30, just four days after the shooting. He was not aware of any shots being fired at Ryan Payne, by his own observation. Later when Payne was brought down to where McConnell was, Payne did say, after he joined McConnell, Ammon Bundy, and Brian “Booda” Cavalier, that he had been shot AT, but not hit. Therefore, McConnell knew that Payne had not been shot. He also told me that he wasn’t released until 11:00 or 11:30 pm, fully an hour after Kullman claims to have spoken with McConnell.

Now, rumor had it that “Ryan” had been shot. There was speculation as to which Ryan, and at first, I had assumed Payne. However, McConnell said that when he was being transported to the rest area where they all met and the two parties were separated, one to Portland, and McConnell and Victoria Sharp back to Burns, he knew that Ryan Bundy was in an ambulance that made a short stop at the Harney District Hospital.

The next available discussion, the following day, January 27:

1/27, 12:37 pm

Kullman:  Where is your group going to stage?  We can’t get an answer from Max Fairchild and I got my phone blowing up from guys on the west side looking for answers and need to send them somewhere.

Any information on where I can send them beside the refuge let me know.

1/27, 2:02 pm

Friend:  There are some Sheepdogs down there but I’m not going.  I’m not leaving my wife.  Have them go to the town of Burns and go to one of the Motels.  There they will find one or two Patriots with intel.  Everything else I cannot put on fb

1/27, 2:04 pm

Kullman:  Email?

1/27, 2:04 pm

Friend:  wickr is xxxxxxxx.  Email is not secure

1/27, 2:07 pm

Kullman:  Mine is KullmanCombat

1/27, 2:12 pm

Friend:  I wickred you.

1/27, 2:16 pm

Kullman:  Re send transmission

1/27, 2:22 pm

Friend:  Done

1/27, 3:31 pm

Friend:  No details on fb.

1/27, 3:32 pm

Kullman:  No I meant message me on wickr

Kullman persists, trying to get Friend to go to email or Wickr. Apparently, he assumes that if he can imply a greater degree of security to the communications, Friend will open up and give him what he seeks, though it really did not even exist.

It appears that Kullman has, unwittingly, given us a picture of some of the tactics of an informant.