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America, Coming Societal Conflagration?

Ultra-liberal City of San Francisco and the alt-left Police Commission will undoubtedly be butting heads with President Trump

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It is going to be interesting when Donald J. Trump takes over; from talking with a retired SFPD sworn member and from numerous news reports, the ultra-liberal City of San Francisco and the alt-left Police Commission will undoubtedly be butting heads with President Trump from January 20, 2017.

President Trump will have to be strong in dealing with California, New York and the so-called “Beltway states” generally speaking. The so-called “sanctuary city and state” forces are posturing like strutting peacocks in anticipation of President Trump taking office on January 20, 2017. My utmost prayer is that these divisive forces are not going to challenge him much like the South challenged President Abraham Lincoln. And in my personal opinion, President Trump is no President to challenge; like him or not he is going to be a very strong President like President Lincoln, the two of them strong and masterful pro-America leaders unlike pathetically weak Barack Hussein Obama, a hate America first president in virtually every respect. (And as current events in the Middle East are indicating, president Barack Hussein Obama is presenting with a strong anti-Semitic demeanor I am sorry to opine.)

Let’s pray that there are no earth shaking societal conflagrations to threaten our union and above all, no violence; some scurrilous un-American scoundrels are already talking about secession from the United States. Long live the United States, the greatest country in the world!

One man’s opinion.

Sincerely, Ron Adamik


3 Comments on America, Coming Societal Conflagration?

  1. I do not fail to see the hypocrisy when the liberals look down their pious noses at Southerners because they had the nerve to withdraw from the Union and now they want to do the same thing.

  2. There is always a silver lining in every cloud and Obummer may have devised one here. As a kid, we could go out and find rabbits to shoot at but the rabbits have been reduced by the libs and their wolf projects. Now we may have bigger targets.

  3. Bret : San Francisco and Commiefornia may be doing the right thing for the wrong reasons,but don’t you think we should applaud anybody who stands up against an overreaching Fed ? Yes, it is comical to see all these erstwhile federal supremacists as they suddenly discover States Rights,but the constant in this dispute, and the cause that Ammon,Ryan,Lavoy,myself,and many others have been fighting for is a close paralell,namely,reducing the malign influence of the Fed. Which will it be Bret? Should we encourage The federal Govt, in the person of Trump, to take agressive measures against a State? or locality? or shall we recognize California’s 10A perogative, however misguided it may be? As a Bundy Ranch vet and Sugar Pine Mine vet, I have some investment in these issues.Shari and I were in the thick of it during the Portland trial,She as your correspondent and myself as one of the accused. WE HAVE TO STOP THINKING OF THE FED AS ARBITER AND OVERLORD!If we condone punitive actions by Trump against Ca, how could we complain if ATF agents arrest Idahoans for supposed NFA violations as they have in Kansas? Beginning circa 1765 with the Stamp Act Crisis, The mindset of the Colonies evolved from being loyal British subjects, to being British Americans, to being AMERICANS, and that rubicon has to be crossed again by us today, in the States.

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