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Roy Murry GUILTY On All Counts

Murry is expected to be sentenced to life in prison.

Photo courtesy of Spokane County Sheriff Office

Roy Murry GUILTY On All Counts

by Shari Dovale

Roy Murry has been found guilty in Spokane on 3 counts of premeditated murder, first degree arson and attempted murder of his ex-wife, Amanda Constable.

For the past 4 weeks, the prosecution put hundreds of witnesses on the stand to testify that Murry was a very scary guy. They testified that he was delusional and dangerous. He always carried a firearm and was very ‘proficient’ with both hands.

It was said that he had a “Hit List” of people he felt had wronged him, and his in-laws were at the top of the list. They testified that Murry had an odd sense of values, describing a skewed sense of loyalty being his priority.

On the night after Memorial Day, 2015, an intruder broke into the Canfield home and killed Lisa Canfeld (Amanda’s mother), Terry Canfield (Lisa’s husband), and John Constable (Amanda’s brother). The jury determined that Murry was that intruder.

With the intention of killing his then-estranged wife, Murry waited for about 90 minutes before setting fire to the property in an effort to destroy the evidence of the crime. Murry’s wife was working an unexpected overtime shift, which prosecutors say saved her life.

The destruction of the evidence actually worked, as the investigators did not find physical evidence linking Murry to the crime scene. The prosecution’s case was, admittedly, largely circumstantial.

The only physical evidence was via expert testimony using a “unique” gun oil and the nanoparticles found in it’s composition. But, it was enough for the jury to convict him on each count.

Murry is an Iraq War veteran, receiving the Bronze Star for Valor and a Purple Heart. He returned home suffering from PTSD and required medication to control it.

Murry is expected to be sentenced to life in prison. He has been incarcerated for the past year and a half, having been arrested within days of the crime. Appeals are expected to take years to complete.