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Purge Social Justice Professors By Christian Schwab

The change needed to save the next generation from being destroyed from within.

social justice

Purge Social Justice Professors

An Opinion By Christian Schwab

As I look around, it’s not hard to see what social justice has brought to country after country.  Social Justice sounds good and at one time it could be seen as honorable. I mean it pushed a capitalist country like America into creating the best hospitals, the greatest labor force ever seen, and can be accredited for helping to bring more people out of poverty than any other Country. Robber Baron Capitalism can be as destructive as any other form of tyranny, but being pushed socially through charitable contributions has kept the capitalist beast at bay.

Today the phrase “social justice” has been hijacked by socialists looking to undermine the country from within.  Taking over our colleges one professor at a time since the early 1900’s has led to more than 86% of teachers teaching based on opinions and not facts. It’s also the legislators fault allowing textbooks which manipulate the Constitution in our school’s curriculums.  Textbooks which idolize Islam while removing Christianity, and dismantling hands on education while replacing it with coddling.

Even small states like Idaho have been affected, engulfing the University of Idaho after a just election.  They’re not taught how to bring their case to the ballot, instead they look to vandalism. They are not taught that an election is an overthrow of the government making voting a form of rebellion, or that the United States is a representative republic not a democracy, and they are not taught the atrocities of Socialism.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, left, right there’s enough blame to go around. After seeing what’s going on around the country I pray legislatures take heed of the riots, government overthrows, and the cry of their constituents by bringing the change desperately needed to save the next generation from being destroyed from within.

Professors and the mainstream media for years have used social justice as a tool to drive a wedge between reality and conspiracy. Instead of looking at the facts they look at ratings and the more sympathy they can bring to social issues the higher their ratings. Sites and papers which present the truth can barely afford to bring it to the people and none can bring it to enough people to make a difference.

Our only chance as a voter is to push our legislators to make the changes needed to help our next generation. Through changing the fundamental problem, socialist educators, and replacing them with people who are dedicated to bringing back true education, so they can get jobs, real wages, and a sense of accomplishment.



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