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Murry Jury Sifting Through Circumstantial Evidence

The jury is charged to decide if this man should spend the remainder of his life in jail based on circumstantial evidence.


Murry Jury Sifting Through Circumstantial Evidence

by Shari Dovale


The Prosecution laid out their case for the jury on Monday in the Murry Triple-Murder and Arson trial in Spokane County.

Larry Haskell, Spokane County Prosecutor, wove a tale of why his is the only reasonable explanation for this crime: Murry was trained in the Army to kill people. He did not trust the government. He prepared for disasters. He believed in carrying firearms everywhere he went. And, Murry did not get along with his wife’s family.

Haskell continued to paint a picture of a very unstable man. Murry came back from Iraq with PTSD and required medication to control it. He believes that Russian FSB agents in America were involved in this crime. And he could not provide a verifiable alibi.

When it came to the crime scene evidence, Haskell explained that Murry was too astute and smart to leave evidence behind. Therefore, the case is largely circumstantial.

But the defense spelled it out. The State tested more evidence in this case that it likely has ever done, yet they still could not place Murry at the scene of the crime.

There were many items overlooked by the crime scene investigators, such as:

  • Not testing the circuit-breaker panel they claim Murry tripped in order to get Terry Canfield outside of the home.
  • The Investigators never spoke to Murry’s neighbors to find out if they saw or heard vehicles that night.
  • The gloves found in Roy Murry’s car were never tested for evidence from the crime scene.

It is certainly problematic that these vital pieces were never checked out by the investigators. Murry was arrested within a few days of the crime and has been incarcerated for over a year and a half. When his defense team requested a speedy trial, it was argued that DNA evidence, etc. takes more time than normal, therefore he cannot expect a timely trial.

The only physical evidence that the prosecution offered was a few nanoparticles in a “unique” gun oil that was found on 3 of the bullet casings, located in 3 separate areas of the crime scene. The defense also pointed out that no nanoparticles showed up on any other casings (only 8 were checked) nor was the environmental evidence (fire debris) where the shell casings were found tested for the same nanoparticles. The defense claim the testing was very incomplete and does not prove Murry was at the scene.

This case is certainly complex. The prosecution has spent about 4 weeks and hundreds of witnesses to say that Roy Murry is too smart to leave evidence behind that could convict him. Therefore, the jury should convict him.

The defense feels that the prosecution did not prove their case, and the jury should acquit for Reasonable Doubt.

The jury is charged to decide if this man should spend the remainder of his life in jail based on circumstantial evidence. They began their deliberations Monday afternoon and continue into Tuesday.


1 Comment on Murry Jury Sifting Through Circumstantial Evidence

  1. Did they expect Murray would beg for a plea deal and
    he would be “guilty” without direct evidence?

    I don’t know Roy Murray. If this report is accurate (not questioning that), then, since murder has no statute of limitations, why even try Murray with circumstantial evidence?

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