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Closing Arguments Set for Murry Murder Trial

Murry is an Iraqi War veteran that receive the Bronze Star for Valor and a Purple Heart.


Closing Arguments Set for Murry Murder Trial

by Shari Dovale

The Murry Murder Trial in Spokane, Washington has entered it’s final stages. Closing arguments are scheduled to be delivered on Monday morning, December 12, 2016. It is expected to be given to the jury that afternoon.

Roy Murry is accused of shooting his estranged wife’s mother, step-father, and brother in May 2015, then setting fire to their property to cover up evidence of the murders. He is also accused of attempted murder of his wife on the same night.

The prosecution has struggled to connect Murry to the crime scene throughout the trial, with the largest part of their case being his penchant for stockpiling supplies and advocating for gun rights. Murry was also said to have been very angry at his wife and her family.

Murry is an Iraqi War veteran that receive the Bronze Star for Valor and a Purple Heart.  He was medically retired after returning home and suffers from PTSD, which he controls through medication.

Expert testimony may have finally placed a connection between Murry and the crime scene late in the trial on Thursday, December 8th. Using technology that identified unique nanoparticles in a new, yet-to-be released, gun lubricant, the prosecution believes they have completed their case proving Murry committed the heinous acts.

The defense questioned the expert testimony as they believed the testing was not as thorough as it could have been. It will be up to the jurors to determine how much weight to place on the expert testimony.

At the end of the prosecution case, the defense made a motion to dismiss the charge of ‘attempted murder’ of Murry’s now ex-wife, Amanda Constable, believing ‘criminal purpose’ of the crime had not been proven.

The Judge, John O. Cooney, citing the standard of “in a light most favorable to the State’, denied the motion.

Cooney has appeared to keep any bias he might have in check. He has seemed very fair without extreme ruling on behalf of either side.

The entire burden of proof is the responsibility of the prosecution, so it is not surprising that the defense did not present witnesses or evidence in their case. They recalled one witness, Detective Keyser, lead investigator for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department. Asking him a short list of questions pertaining to the .22 caliber weapons testified to during the trial.

Murry had access to three Walther P22 semi automatic pistols, of which only 2 have been located. Additionally, there was at least one 10/22 rifle that was not tested by the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.