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Her Opponent is Heather Scott, our Conservative Incumbent

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There was an interesting quote on the Idaho Democratic Party’s website by Kate McAlister, the Democrat running for state representative in our District:  “My opponent in this race and others running are failing to listen and no longer understand how hard things are for working people and middle class Idahoans.”

Her opponent is Heather Scott, our conservative incumbent.

Now, anyone who knows Scott or has seen her in the many townhall meetings, meet-and-greets in private homes, or met and talked with her one-on-one would characterize McAlister’s statement, politely, as campaign baloney.  Or just sour grapes over the huge grassroots support that Scott has, which shows clearly in the huge number of small campaign donations by people who don’t have a whole lot of money but want to see her back in office for another term.  Scott has lived in one of the poorer areas of the county for some 16 years, on a small farm, and there is hardly anyone more in touch with working people than she is.

If you want contrast, look at McAlister: she lives, works, and socializes almost entirely with Democrats and RINOs in Sandpoint in a world where she hobnobs with businesses and corporations on a daily basis.   She found no fault with the $55 million school levy in August, thankfully defeated, which would have made school property taxes double, at minimum.  In running the Sandpoint’s Business Improvement District (BID) she showed just how comfortable she is with taxing and spending.

As a member of the “working people and middle-class Idahoans” I’m not comfortable with that.  My vote will go to Heather Scott.

Christy Miller
Sagle, ID

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