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Local Forum Fails to Hide Its Own Liberal Agenda

We will not attend this 'hit' parade and validate their progressive agenda.


Local Forum Fails to Hide Its Own Liberal Agenda

by Shari Dovale

The local Liberal Media has made another attempt to take control of the political base in North Idaho.

For the past two years, Rep. Heather Scott has worked tirelessly to unify the conservative citizens living in the American Redoubt. She has spent countless hours educating citizens concerning their rights and how to get them reengaged in our republican government.

The liberal progressives are grasping at whatever straws they can find in an attempt to divide and conquer the conservatives. They have put up an authoritarian progressive candidate against her who unabashedly supports higher taxes and really BIG government. The Democrats are out of touch with the citizens of North Idaho, as she proves with her stance against gun rights.

Not making a big splash with the voters in District 1 (Bonner and Boundary counties), the progressive-controlled media are obliged to do more dirty work for her.

A candidate forum has been scheduled for this evening sponsored by the leftist media. Their timing and logistics have proven they are trying to control the agenda and outcome by scheduling this forum to coincide with their self imposed rules of not accepting any more public opinion letters in their newsprint before election day. .

Redoubt News will not attend this ‘hit’ parade and validate their progressive agenda. However, we do offer a ‘Letters to the Editor’ section on our website that will remain available for posting throughout this week and on through until election day. Additionally, we have no limit on word counts. Feel free to let us know how you feel about this election!


The Following letter was just released on Social Media:

Dear Friends & Supporters:

There has been a lot of confusion and hype in regards to the lone “forum” scheduled in Sandpoint tonight. A previous commitment prevents me from attending, but I urge the rest of the Republican candidates and supporters to rethink attending as well. Here is why:

The local liberal media has hounded me for weeks to attend, in person, through others and in writing. However, by all indications, this forum has been put in place as a platform to harm conservative candidates and show Democrat candidates in a more favorable light as well as using this event to launch negative attacks on conservative candidates and the core values the majority of north Idaho voters adhere to. Past behavior is usually the best indicator of future behavior, and the Reader and other local news media have demonstrated in previous years’ forums that what they are looking for is to elicit responses from Republican candidates which can be taken out of context, twisted and spun to fit their transparently leftist agenda.

Additionally, based on what we’ve seen over the past month or so, there was at least one paid anonymous Democrat agitator in the area trying to stir up trouble by claiming harassment, which matches what we’ve seen from Democrats at the state and national level. It is conceivable that more of the same is planned for this forum event, with radical environmentalists ready to promote their agenda. The media are not at all averse to having a circus-like atmosphere – let’s remember that they are in the business of selling papers, and the more they can portray conservatives as creating uproar at an event, the better it fits their agenda and enhances their bottom line.

I would like to point out, too, that conveniently, the timing of this “fair and unbiased” forum, as it was described to me by the Reader’s publisher, Ben Olson, did not take into consideration early voting deadlines, voter education events, and the inability of the public to voice their opinions in letters to editor in the local media because the deadlines for those letters were prior to the start of the forum. A truly fair and unbiased forum should have taken place at least two weeks ago.

We don’t need the Reader, the Bee or any other paper to advance our cause. They need us to sell stories. Our nonattendance silence speaks louder than any one response we can try to articulate. I am encouraging my supporters to not attend as well. I will not support the ongoing degrading of Republican candidates via the Reader, the Bee, or other liberal press which have proven by their biased hit pieces a repeated breach of public trust and can longer be a trusted source to educate and inform voters unbiasedly. The liberty-loving Republicans will rise above this destructive Democrat agenda for north Idaho. We won’t let these antics derail our plans to secure Idaho as a sovereign state with bottom up control.

As an alternative, you may want to consider the Sandpoint City Council meeting at 5:30. The city could always benefit from hearing liberty voices from citizens.

Stay true to our principles and our goals,

Representative Heather Scott