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Liberal Professors Exasperate Socialism

This way of thinking has led to 'everyone deserves a prize' and 'take God out of the classroom'


Liberal Professors Exasperate Socialism

By Christian Schwab

These days we can’t watch the news or pick up a paper without seeing all the violence erupting around the Country even at our Capital in Boise. I sat on the phone discussing the “riots” in Oakland with my sister, where she is helping to spearhead the exit of California from the United States thanks to the overwhelming Trump win.

The more we talked the more I was convinced that she has been brainwashed. Brainwashed by liberal professor’s who believe socialism is the only way to save the planet and conservatism or capitalism will lead to the devastation of women, children, and the LBGTQ community. Our high schools neglect to teach the truth of all the multi-millions of individuals who died cruel deaths under such leaders as Stalin or Zedong.

Liberal Colleges were not always allowed within this country. It wasn’t till 1862 with the first Morrill Act, also known as the“Land Grant Act, that donated public lands to states. The sale of these lands was used for the “endowment, support, and maintenance” of at least one college where the leading object was to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life. 7 individuals on the Supreme Court stated it was it was in the best interest of our Country. Each generation of professors progressing the socialist agenda by manipulating the masses and changing the Country one mind at a time.

Today, this mentality runs rampant in our schools. A national Washington Post poll stated 87% of professors said they were liberal and have leaned way more to the left. This way of thinking has led to ‘everyone deserves a prize’ and ‘take God out of the classroom’ among many others. Now we get to witness the horror as students who didn’t get their way riot in the streets and professor’s letting them skip finals because ‘they’re stressed over the Trump win.”. Even cities have fallen into the trap of socialist policies aimed at taking from big brother and spreading the wealth.

Idaho’s colleges, which are subsidized by tax payers, are just as guilty as we see some of the University of Idaho students participating. These problems will continue until those on Idaho’s education and finance committees, and others around the Country, step up and actually show they care about more than just the numbers. They need to care about the children and the future of our Country.


2 Comments on Liberal Professors Exasperate Socialism

  1. Schools and colleges throughout this country are responsible for the brainwashing of our young and they should all (90%) be charged with Treason and exiled to china.

  2. Every state Attorney General needs to sue George Soros who is funding many of these protestors through his ‘open society foundation’ and black lives matter. There is plenty of evidence Soros is behind all of it.

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