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Just Wanted to Put That Out There, in Case Somebody Wondered

Spouting clichés and platitudes about what she’s going to do when she gets to Boise.

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What kind of a candidate runs for state legislator and doesn’t mention her party?

A candidate who’s trying to fool voters.

That’s what we have in Kate McAlister, who calls herself a “moderate” and proceeds to spout clichés and platitudes about what all she’s going to do when she gets to Boise, and it all involves lots of spending.  Then she demonizes her opponent, Heather Scott, for being “extreme” and too “focused on federal issues”.

What she says she’s looking forward to in Boise is work with Shawn Keough, whom she admires and who has, from what we’re hearing, has been advising her on her campaign.  Keough’s husband is also a contributor to McAlister’s campaign.

So we have a Democrat being supported by our District 1 Senator, a so-called Republican who has been a no-show at all forums and events sponsored by Republicans for the past two years and reliably votes with Democrats.  And we have that same Democrat enthusiastically looking forward to working with that “Republican”.

Just wanted to put that out there, in case somebody wondered what these two are all about.

If you want a true, conservative filling District 1A’s state representative seat, vote for Heather Scott.  You’ll never be in doubt about where she stands.

Sandra Rutherford
Sandpoint, ID