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Idaho Special Interest Lose Big At the Ballot

Special Interest

Idaho Special Interest Lose Big At the Ballot

By Christian Schwab

During this election, when all eyes where on Donald Trump, an amazing thing happened for conservatives across the State of Idaho. Conservatives won the election while throwing out some of the States most prominent Democrats. Conservation groups were left wondering what went wrong.

This election saw unprecedented amounts of cash flow through these special interest groups. From locations like New York and Washington DC, to billionaires like George Soros. Soros funding can be traced even in North Idaho. Representative Heather Scott took some of the worst hits from these special interest groups but their efforts fell short and Mrs. Scott won by a landslide.

We must ask ourselves why are special interest  groups from 3,000 miles away interested in local Idaho politics?

To start researching this we must revisit Clagstone Meadows, a piece of land bought by the State as an easement from a logging company for visitors to enjoy.¬† Conservatives like Heather Scott were against the purchase believing the Federal and State government already claim over 60% of Idaho’s land and resources. This purchase would further limit the amount of growth Idaho can produce.

President-elect Trump has vowed to return the maintenance of Federal Land back to the perspective States which has been a conservative battle cry for over 30 years. This hit a high point after the 2015 fire season when thousands of acres went up in flames and Idaho’s fire crews were grounded.

The only way the conservation groups figured they could stop the turnover in a Trump win was to attempt to take over the State with politicians whom are known for wanting to expand government.

Idaho fought back this time but, as we have learned, they won’t give up. Now that the special interest groups have seen a set back, our legislators have a chance to work with Trump and bring good jobs back, fund our schools, and rebuild our infrastructure while also opening up more wilderness areas for exploration.