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Heather Scott is a Representative of and for the People

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Heather Scott is a Representative of and for the People


Dear Editor,

It is refreshing to have someone genuinely dedicated to putting our state on the right track running as our representative in Legislative District 1.  That person is Heather Scott.

In Heather’s two years in the legislature, she proved time and again that she stands by her promises, namely, that she is a representative of and for the people  and will honor the oath she took to uphold the Constitution.   It is genuinely inspiring to have someone take to the floor of the House and read aloud from the Constitution because it was about to be violated by a piece of legislation. Both times the legislation was tied to bribes of federal funds.

Sadly, she was outvoted in both instances.  Thus we had gay marriage acceptance slipped into the state through the tax code, and foreign courts dictating mandates to Idaho courts. Millions in federal monies were accepted by our Governor in return.  Vicious attacks on Heather Scott blaming her for holding up the process.  But in North Idaho we value her for her courage and integrity!

Heather is an effective legislator.  She co-sponsored several bills Two being, The Permit-less Carry which was passed into law and the bill allowing the Bible to be used as source material in Idaho public schools which was voted down.

Heather takes her guidance from God and the Constitution, and we pray that she will serve as inspiration for others in the State House.

Give a resounding Yes vote to this upstanding lady on November 8th.


Sharon Oldfield

Sandpoint, ID

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