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George Soros showdown with Heather Scott

CCS Investigates – George Soros showdown with Heather Scott

George Soros proud Judenrat funding ads in Idaho
George Soros proud Judenrat funding ads in Idaho

Everyone should know that George Soros is an Austrian World War II survivor of Jewish descent. His Jewish origins are noteworthy because he collaborated with the NAZI fascist regime in rounding up other Jews trying to escape the holocaust.  He was a member of the NAZI Judenrat an organization made up or Jewish NAZI collaborators.  Later he made his money manipulating the British currency.  Russia has banned him and his companies from their nation.  George Soros has funded every anti-gun, anti-free speech, anti-Christian, open borders globalist priority there is. And groups connected to him are now going after Idaho Assemblywomen Heather Scott from Idaho State Legislative District 1 which includes the two most northern counties in the Idaho panhandle.

Carol Browner and Hillary Clinton
Carol Browner and Hillary Clinton running ads against Heather Scott

This blog broke the incredible story that ads being run against Heather Scott a local Idaho Assemblywoman and in support of authoritarian progressive Kate McAlister are being paid for by George Soros and John Podesta connected entities in the blog post The American Redoubt is not a safe space.  The ads being run against Heather Scott are being paid for by the “Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund” (CVI). The Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund is the state affiliate of the League of Conservation Voters (LVC). The LVC chairman is Carol Browner who works with the Center for American Progress, the same group founded by John Podesta. The Center of American Progress is a George Soros group.

We now have more breaking news on that reporting. We have discovered that George Soros funded groups have put progressive poll watchers in several voting places in Idaho State Legislative District 1.  We have also found other democratic poll watchers in various other districts in Idaho.  The Republican party in Idaho (as far as we can find) didn’t realize that Soros and the Idaho Democratic party were doing this and miss the deadline to have their own official Poll Watchers to monitor what these progressives were doing in the polling place. This means that Democratic in Idaho will be documenting which registered Republican, Democrat and Independent come to vote and putting that information into a database. And they will be doing it without any Republican poll watchers to monitor their activities.

better_idaho_graphic_website_2-1024x614Under Idaho law it appears to be legal to report who has voted. It does not appear to be legal to report who has not voted.  By watching everyone who votes they can try and figure out who are patriots and who are progressives.  Please note that District 1 is heavily Republican. That George Soros and his local Idaho fellow travelers to put so many resources into running against Heather Scott suggest they believe they can beat her.  There are reports that George Soros has been spreading his money all over the West of the United States.  He already politically dominates the failed large cities and along the Liberal and Left coasts.  Now he appears to be spending his money in “fly over” red America.

anti-gun, pro abortion Democrat Kate McAlister, running in District 1 North Idaho
anti-gun, pro abortion Democrat Kate McAlister, running in District 1 North Idaho

We are also breaking this news. Two sources have confirmed that “someone” at the voting places are telling voters “you don’t have to vote for other local candidates, you know you can only vote for President if you want.” They are calling it “one and done.” They are encouraging people not to “bother” to vote for local candidates, you know because we know how that will turn out. We find it convenient that there are democratic poll watchers, funded in part by George Soros in all of these polling places and patriots are reporting that “someone” is encouraging people not to vote for local candidates.

Also please note that we have a report that a George Soros connected company Tiger Funds owns the Idaho tabulation machines  Election Systems and Software (E.S & S. M-650’s). Idaho primarily use paper ballots, but Soros’ company owns the machine that tabulate those paper ballots. And at least one patriot is reporting that when they witness the demonstration of these Soros connected ballot tabulation machines on Friday 28OCT2016 around 1500 that during a certification demonstration which is really a dog and pony show created by E.S. & S the results of the tabulation was not accurate. We also have reports of significant new registrations throughout many Idaho State Legislative Districts. Much higher than in the past years.

slide_55When Republicans want to put poll watchers into polling places Democrats call it “voter intimidation.” What do you call when Democrats are in polling places with no Republican poll watchers and Democratic companies own the tabulation machines? I call it a high chance for rigging the election. Folks, it is imperative that all patriots in the sound of my voice go out and vote. Please spread the word. I think many people in State elections through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and Washington may not be focused on getting to the polls. Especially on local races. There is some evidence that the anti-Christian, anti-free speech, anti-gun side is expecting low turnout among traditional conservative people in deep Red states and plan to exploit that.  I think there is an excellent chance that Heather Scott and others will loose their race.  There is a reason they are putting so many resources into her District.  Please get out and vote. Vote locally and vote nationally, but get out and vote.  We may be leaving our candidates alone against the Soros – Clinton machine.

Please forward this warning to everyone you know in the In-land Northwest. We must not get caught flat footed against this well organized and let the slimy well funded Soros machine overturn the will of the people.  And watch yourself in the polling places.  Please report any thing suspicious.

Do not let Heather Scott stand alone against Soros and his minions
Do not let Heather Scott stand alone against Soros and his minions


Get out and vote. And take a friend.

By: The Bard Of The American Redoubt
Originally posted at Charles Carroll Society

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