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Which Candidate Supports Veterans?

Heather's words and actions show that she is concerned about veterans and gun rights, important issues to many of us.

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As a veteran, I pay attention to who runs for office and what a candidate says or doesn’t say, and I look at their actions. I’m not seeing anything from Kate McAlister, who is running for state representative against Heather Scott.  Heather’s words and actions show that she is concerned about veterans and gun rights, important issues to many of us.  Not a word on Kate’s website about either of those issues.

In fact, Kate faults Scott for “being focused on federal issues.” Well, veterans are pretty happy Scott looks out for us in that direction.  For example, last year a veteran in Priest River got a dose of “federal issues” when the V.A. was coming to take his guns after he had had a stroke – the effects of which had never included dementia or being in need of outside help to manage his financial affairs.  The V.A. claimed he wasn’t capable of handling his VA benefit paperwork and therefore also incapable of owning guns.  Thankfully, a fellow veteran notified Scott and by the next day she had mobilized veterans, supporters, and Sheriff Wheeler to stand with this veteran when the V.A. sent its agent to his home to search for and sieze any firearms in his possession.  Wouldn’t you know, shortly thereafter, the VA  deemed him capable of handling his paperwork and guns.  It was a paperwork error, someone checked the wrong box on a form, they said.  (Who oversees the V.A. on their abilities to manage THEIR paperwork?  Have their gun rights been reviewed?)

Heather Scott is a legislator who stands up for the people and isn’t afraid to take on big government, state or federal.   No wonder they want her out. She takes a lot of flack, more than you can imagine, but it’s a part of why she is worthy of our respect, appreciation, and support.  They want her out.  We want her in. Vote for Heather Scott on November 8th!

By One of The People,

Frank Dymitro, Blanchard, ID

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