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The American Redoubt is Not a Safe Space

Charles Carroll
The Charles Carroll Society

The American Redoubt is Not a Safe Space


Heather Scott

Betsy Russell who seems to love to hate the American Redoubt (which she knows nothing about) wrote in a new piece that the authoritarian progressive “McAlister said she’s concerned about newcomers from the American Redoubt movement trying to influence local politics, with Scott as their standard bearer, drawing on ideological rhetoric and focusing on federal, rather than local issues.”  Logically how do you accuse someone of focusing on local politics but then complain they are not focusing on local issues?  The logic of progressive media.

An authoritarian progressive, Democrat Kate McAlister is running as a “moderate” in Idaho District 1 (Bonner and Boundary counties) trying to unseat a solid patriot conservative Republican Heather Scott. Allegedly this month a progressive Democrat party field organizer was pulled out of District 1 after he claimed he was being “stalked and harassed” by Heather Scott supporters. This progressive Democrat claimed that Heather Scott’s supporters talked to him in public while openly carrying a gun. First, no proof anyone officially connected with the Heather Scott campaign was involved. Second, this is Idaho, everyone carries guns. And wasn’t this liberal community organizer sent to North Idaho to talk to people in the district? So what the snowflake didn’t like what people said? None of these claims have turned up any evidence of wrongdoing.

Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI)

As normal, the authoritarian progressive Kate McAlister has the support of the legacy liberal media and is well funded by those who want to continue to steal the wealth of Americans for their own benefit. The powerful crony capitalist Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) —members who include Idaho Power, Simplot and Hecla Mining Company poured money into the authoritarian progressive Democrat Kate McAlister’s campaign. Yes, you heard that right, the Idaho Association of Commerce, typically a Republican-leaning group is pouring money into the coffers of a progressive Democrat trying to unseat a Republican incumbent that is popular with the Republican base. Sound familiar? Kate McAlister and the crony capitalists went into high gear spreading lies about Heather Scott such as doesn’t support logging (false), that Heather doesn’t support education (false).

anti-gun, pro abortion Democrat Kate McAlister, running in District 1 North Idaho

Betsy Russell says Heather Scott visited the Malheur Refuge occupiers as if that is a bad thing. Heather Scott as a high-profile political Representative from a Western State who is very concern about Washington DC bureaucrats owning 63% of Idaho like we are their private fiefdom and us their federal serfs. She went down to the Malheur Refuge which is in Eastern Oregon to fact-find. Heather Scott didn’t just let American citizens be legally lynched because they were across the State line.  When Heather Scott went, she encouraged the Patriots to be peaceful and make their point and move on. Yet she also voiced strong concerns about the civil rights of American citizens and listened to their concerns about federal Bureaucrat overreach. Heather Scott had excellent instincts. Last week a federal jury acquitted all of the men who were charged with federal crimes concerning the winter occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. All of them. This federal jury is patriots of the week for understanding if you want justice, it is Just Us.

Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF)

Heather Scott also stood up for John Arnold a disabled veteran in her district (I think that is local Betsy) when the federal government came to seize his guns.  Just like the Malheur Refuge occupiers, she refused to let this patriot stand alone against the power of the overreaching federal government and have his firearms be confiscated.   Over 100 patriots responded that morning to Heather Scott and defended this shipmate from the federal government.  Eventually the Obama VA who are confiscating guns from veterans all over the nation backed down.  It is not so easy to take people’s God-given rights in the Redoubt.

The Bard Goes to Work

Let me show you how Heather Scott has been targeted by the same corrupt Clinton national machine you are hearing so much about in the news.  Patriots from Heather Scott’s district forwarded me a mailer that was full of lies.  I noticed that the ads being run against Heather Scott in support of authoritarian progressive Kate McAlister is being paid for by “Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund” (CVI).  The Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund is the state affiliate of the League of Conservation Voters (LVC).  The LVC chairman is Carol Browner works with the Center for American Progress, the same group founded by John Podesta.  The Center of American Progress is a George Soros group.  Wait a minute haven’t we all heard of John Podesta in the news?   John Podesta is of course Hillary’s campaign Director whose emails were hacked.  Carol Browner was also Barrack Hussein Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy.

Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF)

If you search the Wikieleaks emails from Podesta emails for League of Conservation Voters, you will find all types of hits.  This is a major group allied with Hillary Clinton and her corrupt globalist team.   If you search John Podesta’s email for hits against Carol Browner you also get all types of hits.  The person who is trying to unseat a Republican state Representative in Northern Idaho is directly linked to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and George Soros.

Carol Browner and Hillary Clinton

In the Wikileaks emails Hillary Clinton and George Soros’ people who are attacking Heather Scott seem to be very proud of something called the Lands wildlife package.  They seem to want this for Idaho.  The Lands wildlife package appears to be a Soros plot to seize more American resource rights, like water rights in the Western States, specifically Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Washington and Arizona.  And who is standing in the way of this?  Heather Scott.   This suggest why they really want Heather Scott gone.  She oppose federal control of public lands.   We have clear evidence that one of Hillary Clinton and George Soros’s henchmen in cooperation with Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) are going to war directly against the patriots in Idaho.  And it appears the group paying for mailers to unseat her focus is on putting energy companies out of business and controlling Idaho’s public lands.  Why in a working republic would it be up to a part-time blogger like me break a major news story of how a local State Representative has been targeted by Hillary Clinton connected operatives and race basically is in the largest national political story of the century?

Heather Scott has been in office for one term.  In her first term she advanced liberty by spearheading, I mean she was the person who politically led the effort to expand liberty under Christ by pushing Constitutional Carry in Idaho. Heather Scott has annoyed our “betters” both Republicans and Democrat by questioning the federal government’s plan to saturate Idaho with unscreened muslim immigrants from nations with significant violent terrorist networks.  Once again her instincts appear to have a level of validity when a group of muslim immigrants gang raped a 5-year Idaho girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Heather Scott is endorsed by the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), the National Rifle Association (NRA) and many patriots.


Heather Scott has been a friend to liberty.  Donald Trump has received more small donations than any other Republican running for president in modern history. We always encourage people who support liberty under Christ to thinking nationally but act locally. It would be great if you could give even a single dollar to help Heather Scott continue to defend freedom under Christ and fight off the lies of her progressive authoritarian challenger with her wealthy and powerful crony capitalist Republican Establishment allies.

I am unsure if Heather Scott can win her reelection race when she stands alone against such deep pocket and highly organized opposition.  Please share and subscribe.  People in her district must know what they are up against.


By: The Bard Of The American Redoubt
Originally posted at Charles Carroll Society