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Verdict Watch – Malheur Protest Trial

A Skittles Bandit took down the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

verdict watch

Verdict Watch – Malheur 7

by Shari Dovale

After two full days of deliberations, the jury did not reach a verdict on Monday in the Malheur Protest Trial being held in Portland.

Supporters gathered at “Freedom Corner” across from the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and the Multnomah County Jail.

Songs were sung, signs were waved, hot dogs were cooked on a barbecue and were shared with all that passed by, and the sounds of the shofar could be heard from around the park:

Video: Jenn Cannon – On the Sho’far:  Brand Thornton

Recapping the trial was a favorite topic, with the defense closing arguments being the runaway favorite.

Another topic was Craig Gabriel getting so angry during the trial. It is not an everyday occurrence to have the prosecution team get publicly irate in the middle of a case, especially in front of the jury.

Word of the sentencing of Brian (Buddha) Cavalier came down, as it has finally been scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th. I am sure there will be many in attendance for that in courtroom 14A with Judge Brown.

More word came about the ‘bouncer’ from the 13th floor, that threw me out of the courthouse. Apparently, he had 3 separate encounters on that day. The first was an altercation with one of the defense attorneys. It seems that he was trying to get a rise out of this attorney, yet the attorney would not take the bait.

Frustration at this lack of response seems to have taken hold as immediately after this the big bully shut down the overflow room and would not let anyone watch the trial. After complaints were made, and another Marshal went to find out what was happening, he made a lame excuse that he thought someone was eating ‘Skittles’ in the courtroom.

Yep, a Skittles Bandit took down the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. So, he was ripe for another confrontation when he found me.


I have heard from a couple of very reliable sources that these events are really not too uncommon when the prosecution is not doing very well in a trial. This is a big case, and the defense is outstanding. The prosecution showed their petty side and the jury had a front row seat for this sideshow.

When things are not going too well for the government, the US Marshals take it out on the unsuspecting public, and the court seems to approve as they refuse to stop the behavior.

More of the Federal government going out of control? It is not just against the rural ranchers, but right here in the big city too! No one is immune to the overreach.

1 Comment on Verdict Watch – Malheur Protest Trial

  1. Shari,

    Thank you for covering events and being Matt’s guest on Patriot Radio. God bless the persecuted, their families, the defense and all who are attending their trial(s). May He also bless all the jury members and even touch the hearts of the judge and prosecution.

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