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Some Things About Heather You Won’t See In Full-color Ads

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In these last few days I’ve seen a remarkable ratcheting up of nasty attacks against Heather Scott, our state representative in District 1.

Here are some things about Heather you won’t see articles about or see full-color ads about, but they sure deserve to be brought forth.

Heather truly cares for people.  She has a special place in her heart for the elderly.  I watched as she would go to the grocery store for an elderly neighbor every few days, take the groceries to her, and then sit and talk for a while.  Even when she had a busy schedule, she would help this neighbor get her bills in order and assist her as much as she could.

When  a young veteran, just returned from combat duty in the Middle East, came to her yard sale looking for a bed, she gave him the one she had for sale – free.  Recently, when a friend’s family was in need of firewood, she checked around and found more than a cord of wood – free – that someone was willing to donate.  The God’s Provisions Thrift Shop in Priest River is a bigger and nicer-looking place because Heather and her husband made it a project to add on to it and improve it.

Heather doesn’t just talk the talk of a true Christian, she walks the walk.  She has a Godly heart, and she has my vote.

Cari Simonsen

Blanchard, Id

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  1. My family has voted for Heather Scott via mail in ballot. We have a great Rep. in Heather and she deserves your vote. We also voted NO on prop. 2 and NO on horse racing.

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