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Saint Helens, Oregon is Being Invaded

Saint Helens, Oregon is Being Invaded

by Chris Brumbles

What is it with Progressive, Collectivist, Communists?  Even though their ideology has not worked since Karl Marx put pen to paper, they continue their push toward a totalitarian government and enslaving our population.

They call themselves Progressive, but they live in opposite world every day and the truth is that they are not progressive at all, but want to regress us back to a time of serfdom and chains. Forgive me for being redundant, but the fact is, you cannot progress further than what our Founders gave us…LIBERTY.

There is more than enough evidence in history to prove my points if you want to take the time to educate yourselves, but if not, just look at all of the people killed by their own governments in the 20th century; more than all wars combined.

I want to bring your attention to two of these Left Wing, Liberty hating groups that has moved into not only Columbia County, but Saint Helens itself. Rural Organizing Project (ROP), and their partner, the Columbia County Coalition for Human Dignity (CCCHD, we’ll just call them the Columbia County Communist Headquarters Division), has recently reared their ugly heads in St. Helens, spreading their idiotic lies.

They had a meeting the other day at the Soil and Water Conservation building on Millard road and they had previously appeared at the Commissioners meeting to oppose the 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance that we submitted. At their meeting, my sources tell me that they took pictures of everyone’s license plates, had security that tried to intimidate, told everyone that if they were unruly they would be escorted out, spread propaganda and lies about Patriots, and filmed the people without their permission.

What are they afraid of? When you practice deceit, it makes you paranoid.

I read the paperwork that this group/s put out and some of it had just enough truth in it that the average person would not know that it is propaganda and is far from the truth. I will only address a couple of the lies that were told at the meeting at this time as most of the lies, I’m sure people knew were lies.

The crowd was told that they had security because previously Oath Keepers had damaged their cars and sliced their tires. That is a total black lie…Oath Keepers protect people’s property, they don’t destroy it; we stand for this Country, our community and our founding documents; we defend the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution everyone’s Liberty, and our REPUBLIC.

They claim that we invade counties and intimidate. Another lie, every op OK’s has been on, we were invited. The reason we didn’t help the Hammonds is because they were scared of the threats received from the Government and asked us not to get involved, and on every op, we have had great feedback.

They call us anti-government; nothing could be further from the truth, we are not anti-government, we want the government to stay within its DELEGATED powers…we are anti Tyranny. They said that the good things we have done in communities around Oregon, have been to infiltrate, but the truth is, we are part of our communities and we are trying to bring communities together to counteract the division caused by groups like this and tyrants; unlike them, we have no ulterior motives.

The CCCHD and their friends at ROP are anti personal property, pro privileges for various social groups at the expense of individual rights of others , pro totalitarian government, anti Liberty, anti anything America or what she was founded on…they are Ameriphobes and their websites read like agenda 30.

They are for forced inclusion, which of course is anti personal choice, and they use the word democracy every chance they get even though we are a REPUBLIC, and their end goal is sustained social political power. They are not “inclusive” either; just have your own opinion and see if they let you stay at their meeting, if you can pass the vetting process to get in in the first place.

These people are probably taking our taxpayer dollars to help steal your rights. They either have not learned from history, don’t know history, or don’t care, which makes them either ignorant or evil and their ideology is Dangerous.

Be aware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing, they want Columbia County to be like Portland and there is not a lie they won’t tell to get there.


In liberty,

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County Coordinator

Oath Keepers and OFF

Oregon POC, Oath Keepers

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