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Redoubt News Vindicated as Trustworthy

Redoubt News was on scene giving us the truth once again.

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Redoubt News Vindicated as Trustworthy

North Idaho has always been known for having a Conservative mindset. From religion to financial, the communities come together to help each other grow. One might even say we are one of the first ‘sharing’ communities as we did not have a big government to lean on.

Things sure have changed and finding a trustworthy news source is harder then ever. But this week Redoubt news was vindicated as being one of the only news sources outlining how the Bundy’s were not guilty if one was to actually research and read the Constitution.

While other local news sources made the Bundy’s out to be “Armed Thugs” and, as a local Democrat running indicated ‘illegally occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge,” Redoubt News was on scene giving us the truth once again.  Real news isn’t supposed to be about judging and bringing in ratings but telling the truth and researching the facts which most of the other local news sources lacked.

The Redoubt movement is about returning to a Constitutional Republic and shedding light on the corruption all around the North West by bringing facts not opinions, reporting based on the Constitution and  the rule of law.


Christian Schwab

Sandpoint, ID

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