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Political Bias in Media Reporting

Just because someone makes an allegation doesn’t make it so.

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Political Bias in Reporting


Betsy Russell, a onetime political “reporter”, has recently displayed her personal political bias and lack of understanding of the judicial process by her inaccurate reporting. She interchanges the words charge for criminal complaint or accusation even after clarification in a personal vendetta against a highly respected State Representative. Just because someone makes an allegation doesn’t make it so. If an allegation of criminal wrongdoing is made to a law enforcement agency, an investigation is conducted and where appropriate, a criminal complaint is sought through the prosecuting attorney and criminal charges are filed. 


Ms. Russell needs to remove herself from the political fray and not allow personal preferences and agenda in her reporting to prevail if she wishes to regain her readers trust. Ms. Russell must surly realize by now that Idaho as a whole and North Idaho in particular is not like her Alma Marta, the University of California-Berkeley. Many people have fled and continue to flee the “Troubled Land” that is California for the beauty, tranquility and wholesome values of Idaho. Idaho’s values where once the values of all Americans and are still prevalent here today.   


Louis Perry