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Please Join Me in Supporting Heather Scott

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Heather Scott continues to take the high road while her opponent takes the low. Lies, innuendo and fabrication have become a part of the McAlister campaign in a vain attempt to overcome her lack of substance or morality. It is a common though divisive political practice that when you have no winning strategy, mudslinging and attacks on your opponent with conjured information becomes the norm. As a part of that strategy, it is hoped that others with little or no firsthand knowledge will pick up the lie or innuendo and either expand upon it or ride its coat tails for their own personal, political or perceived social gain.

Heather Scott has proven herself to possess strong conservative values and a strong moral compass. She would neither condone nor would she accept any supporters’ conduct which is unlawful, morally wrong or injurious to the any person.  She works tirelessly to provide the representation her constituents require while maintaining her high moral character.

Please join me in supporting Heather Scott, Republican candidate for House District 1A.

Louis Perry

Sandpoint, ID

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