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Another Offensive Piece of Political Propaganda

I’m surprised the flyer didn’t include a photo of her holding a gun and call her an 'armed radical'.

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Today I received an extremely offensive piece of political propaganda in the mail.

A flyer paid for by Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund promoting Kate McAlister (affiliation not revealed) defaming Representative Heather Scott (R) to be “Too Extreme for Idaho”.  A photo of Representative Scott holding a ‘General Lee’ Confederate battle flag implies that she is racist. I was incredulous; I watched Dukes of Hazzard as a kid, I guess that makes me racist too.

I’m surprised the flyer didn’t include a photo of her holding a gun and insinuate by one of its claims that she is an “armed radical”.  It is full of baseless, false accusations implying that she defends game poaching, supports radical patriot militia groups, anti-business in general and timber specifically.  Perhaps if the propaganda sponsor is an actual Conservation block then they also would protest the continued clear cutting of our timber resources leaving whole mountain sides raped barren.

This egregious mud-slinging and maligning of an anti-establishment public servant stinks of the same Hillary Clinton rhetoric calling half of the RNC candidate’s supporters “basket of deplorables”, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic”, and “irredeemable”.  She even refers to “their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric”(Ironic, isn’t it?).  That’s exactly what this Kate McAlister promotion is, offensive, hateful, and mean-spirited.

Citizens of Idaho, don’t be duped by big fancy resumes and claims of a ‘Conservation’ lobby.  Stick with truth; U.S. and Idaho Constitutional conservatives!

Ken Knowlton
Sergeant Major, USA (ret)
Blanchard, Idaho

1 Comment on Another Offensive Piece of Political Propaganda

  1. Sounds like McAlister may be a plant from the Calif. Bay Area or New York City where outrageous accusation knows no bounds. In fact, this is simply the politics of personal destruction. The real problem is “media” which has become a bunch of ignorant sycophants trying to look intelligent and “make a difference”. Additionally, the volume of ignorance gathered in biased college classes is staggering. The goal of getting to the truth no longer seems to be the goal. Redoubt news, keep up the good work! You are earning a much bigger voice in state and national affairs as the Lord opens the minds of people in this current revival of truth.

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