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Judge Anna Brown vs the Constitution

The over reaching government is on trial here, and the US Constitution is at stake.


Judge Anna Brown vs the Constitution

By Shari Dovale

The week in Portland has certainly been a roller coaster ride. So many ups and downs that it can make a person dizzy.

Ammon Bundy testified this week and he was very genuine and well versed. I can’t help but think that the jury has to have seen his honesty and passion. The best part of his testimony was when he was explaining “adverse possession.” He became a teacher and explained the goals very well. There were a few short clips of videos that showed him teaching this message, as well. Most of the jury paid close attention.

It was interesting to see Ryan address his brother as “Mr. Bundy” but that quickly turned to a more familiar “Brother” as he went through his questioning. This is certainly an unusual trial, as we see one brother representing himself while questioning another brother on the stand defending his own actions. I don’t think I have ever heard of another case like this one.

There is good news on David Fry. I went to see him today and am happy to report that he is finally in a new, and clean, cell. When he fliberty3irst went into solitary, David was placed into a cell that had human feces all over it. The outrage from the public was loud and shrill. Well, it had an effect, and that was to move him to a cell in even worse condition. After a few days, however, he was finally moved to a clean cell on a different floor. He is hoping that his time in solitary will be ending soon.

David is looking good today He is very animated and excited to be experiencing this trial. He assured me that, though it is hard to go through, he would absolutely do it again. It was worth it to him to stand up for his beliefs. David, like the other defendants, is an inspiration.

David’s parents came in to Portland to support him. His father testified on his behalf, explaining to the jury how David grew up dealing with racism and bigotry due to his half-Japanese heritage. David never was very political, but he did understand what was right and wrong. I think it resonated with several of the jury members.

Michele Fiore is a force of nature. Her testimony was very good with several key points being made. Before getting involved with the protesters at Malheur, she verified with state and local officials that no laws had been broken. She knew all the right questions to ask because she is a lawmaker. She is a sitting Assemblywoman from Nevada.

fiore2This, however, was not good enough for Judge Anna Brown. Trying to make Fiore seem uninformed of the laws did not look good. Brown’s constant cries of how she is the only one that can understand the law in her courtroom are becoming rather tedious. There are some heavy hitters scheduled to testify this week. I am looking forward to the Judge trying to explain this theory to them.

Judge Brown has made no secret of her bias. There have been hundreds (yes, hundreds) of objections by the government this week, and probably 99% of them have been sustained by Judge Brown. She doesn’t, generally, ask what the basis of the objections are, or asks the defense if they have a response. She just goes with it.

She has even sustained an objection that the Prosecution never made. I have seen her look up at the prosecution, clear her throat (which seems to get their attention) and all of a sudden they remember to jump up and object. It has actually been humorous watching the circus in there.

Judge Brown has repeatedly ruled that the Constitution cannot be read or quoted in her courtroom. She does not allow the Declaration of Independence either. And, with one exception, no one has offered to affirm “So help me God.”  This judge is fighting for Socialist principles, and that is why this trial is so important.

This is a political trial regardless of what the prosecution would have you believe. The mainstream media are trying hard not to cover it, with few exceptions. The left has gotten their foothold and are trying to control the narrative. You will not hear the truth from sources other than alternative media.

The over reaching government is on trial here, and the US Constitution is at stake. We cannot give up our liberties. We cannot rollover and allow our rights to be taken from us.

Read the Constitution.


6 Comments on Judge Anna Brown vs the Constitution

  1. ” I can’t help but think that the jury has to have seen his honesty and passion.” Um, being passionate is not a defense against criminal behavior. I think what the jury saw was was a dangerous, passionate wing nut.

  2. Regardless of the outcome, all government servants must be held accountable and PUNISHED — I don’t care anymore if they were “just following orders” — pension and paycheck is what they are all following.

  3. We patriots VASTLY outnumber the bad guys! Not only that but we have the truth on our side and last time I checked the truth has never been defeated. It can only be suppressed for a time but it can never be defeated. 3% is more than enough to take back our beloved country in fact I actually feel sorry for the poor idiots that are against us.

  4. I agree with Dennis and Connie. I hate football and I quit drinking beer years ago so I consider myself as someone that would have volunteered for the revolutionary war. There was only 3% that actually fought and only 30% supported the war. We have at least that much support now so do not give up hope.

  5. most won’t stand, as in the Revolutionary War, unless they are hauled off to prison…perhaps not even then. As long as most have food, beer in many cases, football and a golf course….

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