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What is Integrity in Government? Do You Know?

Dixon works hard to make a living in the real world and is not a career politician.

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Integrity – Sage Dixon Understands It!

What is integrity in government?  Integrity is defined as follows:  the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  Today, it seems most people go into politics for personal gain: regular politicians. Sage Dixon, on the other hand, is a statesman, meaning he does what is good for our state and represents us well regardless of what lobbyists and career politicians try to do.


If integrity and a better Idaho is what you want from your government Rep. Sage Dixon is your man.  He is an incredible role model for our community in every way.  With seven children of his own, he understands how to raise a family in Idaho.  Dixon works hard to make a living in the real world and is not a career politician. He has been both an employee and a business owner so he understands what it takes to be successful in our state and supports businesses small and large.


Rep. Sage Dixon will promote legislation designed to provide opportunity for all Idaho citizens; less government, less Federal intrusion, and more freedom.  Sage will work to promote educational opportunity, protect life, support Veterans, and preserve our God given rights.  He attends every local meeting and event possible, and listens to all constituents.  Cast your vote for Sage Dixon on Nov. 8 and keep integrity in the Idaho Legislative District 1B Representative Seat.


Victoria Zeischegg


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